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Ransomware attack on San Bernardino City Unified School System

Ransomware attack on San Bernardino City Unified School System

Ransomware has been around for quite some time now and it is not surprising that a School system has been targeted, as it has happened before also and nothing has been done to prevent this. It is astonishing to see that still, no preventive measures have been taken and many companies and schools are vulnerable to these attacks. Microsoft cloud backup can be used to do data backup.

School’s Computer System Locked

It was reported on Sunday that a ransomware attack has been struck at the San Bernardino City Unified School District’s computer systems. The district officials informed the public that the attack has locked access to District files and that they are working non-stop, around the clock to solve the problem.

Severity of the attack unknown

It is not completely clear what information was affected exactly, nor is it clear how severe was the attack and how the district plans to move forward and deal with it. 

According to reports, it has been stated that student’s and parent’s data was not affected and it is secure but the attendance will be taken manually and emails with students or staff will not be able to process through until the situation is resolved.

School’s phone lines and transportation remained operational and were not affected but this is not a surprise as these things are manual and unrelated to the computer systems. 

It is unclear exactly how much ransom was demanded but usually it is a hefty amount with a deadline. 

Backup & Disaster Recovery is the key

Uncertainties are bound to happen and with a backup or a disaster recovery plan in place, it is impossible to recover from such attacks. Several incidents have been reported this year alone, and to still be not ransomware protected makes no sense at all.

If the school district was ransomware protected or had cloud backups in an off-site location, they would have avoided all this and would have easily recovered their data with no disruptions in day to day operations whatsoever. 

Cloud Disaster Recovery=No Downtime

If the school district had a disaster recovery backup plan in place, they would have suffered no downtime in any of the operations. They would easily have recovered their systems in a matter of minutes and would be worry free. Instead they are figuring out how to get a hold of their systems and resume automatic operations instead of doing everything manually.


The San Bernardino City Unified School System is just one example of how deadly a ransomware attack can be. There have been several such cases where the outcomes have been even more severe and victims had to pay a large amount of ransom. Without a proper backup and disaster recovery plan, it is impossible to get hold of your systems and data or prevent these attacks from happening. So having Proper Backup and disaster recovery plain is very essential for smooth business continuity.