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Read the latest news of Patiala – The Royal/Beautiful City of Punjab.

Read the latest news of Patiala – The Royal/Beautiful City of Punjab.

Here is the top 4 Today’s  Patiala News that you don’t want to miss! 

  1. Students at Punjabi University, Patiala, Fill Potholes In Protest 

The Students of Punjabi University, Patiala who are associated with the Secular Youth Federation of India (SYFI), filled potholes on the grounds with sand. This activity is done as a demonstration. Students said that the government had not reconstructed the roads of the Punjabi University in the past five years. 

The roads of Punjabi University have been in a pathetic condition for years. The students demanded the university authorities to get these potholes repaired and reconstruct the roads as some students met with serious accidents just because of the poor condition of the campus roads. 

A Student of Punjabi University named Yadvinder Singh said, “ The roads on the university are in awful condition. The state government has failed to get them repaired in the past five years. Today, we took the initiative to fill all the potholes on the campus because we want the Chief Minister to pay attention to this matter. 

  1. Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi to Pay a Visit at Punjabi University, Patiala, Today.  

Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi is expected to visit Punjabi University to address teachers and students. The university has decided not to take the classes for the day. 

Authorities of the local organization, including Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Hans and SSP HS Bhullar, visited the college to really take a look at security courses of action.

The authorities said the Chief Minister was relied upon to arrive at the grounds of Punjab University at 11 am. He would be accompanied by Punjab’s Finance Minister named Manpreet Singh Badal. It would be his first visit to the college after he became the Chief Minister.

  1. More Than 2 Lakh Individuals Avoid The Second Dose Of Covid-19 Antibody In The Patiala Region.

Over 2 lakh beneficiaries in the region have avoided the due date of their second dose of the Covid-19 vaccination. A decrease in the Covid-19 cases is said to have made individuals careless. Approximately 1 lakh beneficiaries are from Patiala city.

It was discovered that individuals were unwilling to get the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The fright of Covid-19 disease during the second wave had incited the beneficiaries to get the first dose, said Health authorities. “Our society’s individuals are fear-driven, and as of now, there is no dread of Covid-19. Day by day, Covid cases are too low in numbers to create fear among the individuals. Therefore, beneficiaries have become careless towards the second dose of Covid-19 vaccination, said a Health official.

  1. Patiala witnessed 29 new dengue cases. 

The fatal dengue keeps on stinging Patiala as 29 new cases were observed on Monday. The Health Department said that the incline in positive dengue cases resulted from late reporting by different area blocks.

Authorities of the Health Department said 68% of the dengue cases had been witnessed from metropolitan areas.

Dr. Sumeet Singh, the district epidemiologist, said, “The region has seen a dip in typical day-by-day cases. Delayed reporting is the leading cause of the rise in dengue cases today. Dengue cases have begun to decrease in the area. Nonetheless, individuals shouldn’t bring down their defenses, use mosquito repellents and wear full sleeve outfits.Read the latest Patiala news in detail on politics, sports, education, weather, and many more with us. Stay connected!