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Recommended Software for Making Video Lessons

Recommended Software for Making Video Lessons

How can you make a video for use in the educational field? Since we cannot expect all teachers to become screenwriters, directors, operators, video editing experts and who have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for the purchase of lights, cameras, microphones, professional video editing software, etc., the best solution seems to be found in techniques for making educational videos that are simple, economical and allow for the rapid realization of different types of videos that can be used in everyday teaching practice.

We know that there is plenty of software available to create and edit your video lessons, and this can be daunting. To help you make a choice, we have collected some opinions and compiled this list of the most popular video editing tools. No matter what software you choose to use, we suggest starting with a free trial to make sure it meets your needs.

Screen recording software

Below is a selection of the best programs used by teachers to record the screen and their voice while they work:

Camtasia: It is one of the best programs for making videos available for Windows and Mac OS X, which includes everything needed to record the computer screen, record an audio commentary in real time and share the videos locally or on the Internet, in various formats. The software includes a powerful editor that allows you to edit videos after recording them and many advanced features, such as automatic zooming on the parts of the screen on which you work and adding text and subtitles to the tutorials. The software is available in a free trial version that allows you to test all the features for a period of 30 days.

CamStudio: is an open source program available for Windows. Being one of the best free alternatives to Camtasia Studio, it is a great free video production software that allows you to capture the Windows desktop and PC audio in real time. The recordings can then be exported in AVI or SWF format and enriched with extra elements, such as arrows, text descriptions, and more.

ScreenFlow is undoubtedly the best program to record the screen on the Mac. The software integrates a powerful editor that allows you to embellish and customize the just completed recordings in many ways. It supports various output formats and is very easy to use. 

Video editing software

There are thousands of tools and software to do “video editing”. What we recommend here are two popular tools that help you perform the most important operations such as cutting, splitting, recording voice overs, and adding titles to improve the videos.

FlexClip is one of the video editing applications that are in great demand by video editors because of its easy use, but must register first. After registering, users can immediately make edits by inserting various video or photo files into this application. FlexClip has millions of stock media choices, and powerful video editing tools. With it you can build interesting presentations halfway between videos and slides, with completely customizable content.

To use FlexClip you need to create an account, after which you can start creating presentations. To include voice, you will need to allow the platform to access the microphone. You can upload a video, with the possibility of adding your comments, images and background music.

All video projects will be saved automatically in your account, where it will be possible to modify them, delete them or export them. You can go directly to the official site in your Chrome browser to access all features for free.

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Presentation editing software

The slides and the presentations are two means much used by the teachers. The following are the programs we recommend for creating slides and presentations:

PowerPoint: undoubtedly the most used software to create presentations available for Windows and Mac devices.
Keynote represents the version by Apple of PowerPoint, available for Apple devices.

Now there is no need to bother anymore and confused to start editing videos, just make your choice to use which application is to taste. These applications can be accessed easily. Just do it repeatedly while understanding how to edit videos properly to hone and improve the ability to edit videos to look nicer and more interesting of course.