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Roof Leak Damage- Causes, Solutions and Cost: New Guide 2020

Roof Leak Damage- Causes, Solutions and Cost: New Guide 2020

Roof whereas protects us from harsh sun rays, intense weather and piercing cold gusts there it retains a beauteous look of a home. Roof leaking happens when it causes a severe inconvenience for homeowners. Sometimes, it was even seen that roof leaks led to collapse of home causing several injuries and casualties. Roof leak damage can lead you up to the verge of health issues. Hazards of health may start from roof leaking as it will let the water seep into the building and mold will eventually grow out of it which gives birth to millions of bacteria likewise. 

Moreover, if the water through roof leaks and cracks makes its way through channels then there will be more danger of short circuit and electricity breakdown. Such cases become cause to an electric shock and fire in the building. Therefore, roof leaks should not at all be taken as ordinary. If it begins to occur, then you are advised to immediately contact your nearest roof leaking repair service at the earliest.

Some Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks occur due to certain reasons, it is not that a roof leaks because of being old and wear out. Rather sometimes roof leak can happen to the newly installed roofing. Both in new and old roofs there are many reasons for the leaks but some most common which are widely have come to be reported are as follows:

  • Missing and Cracked Shingle
  • Flashing Broken
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Age of the Roof
  • Chimney 
  • Skylights
  • Roof Vents
  • Improper Insulation 
  • Fascia or Soffit Damages
  • Excess of Moistures
  • Poor Quality Shingles
  • Holes
  • Cracks 
  • Disorder Architecture 

The above mentioned causes lead the severe roof leaks in a building. Although these are all of the causes a roof leak happens through but still there might be another reason for a roof leak. How the above listed causes happen and how we can prevent them to happen and convenient way to roof damages repairs will be addressed in the following below.

Missing and Cracked Shingle:  High and Furious gusts of wind and rain seamlessly strike on your roof. This leads a roof to get leaky as shingle breaks off because of the strike. Sometimes, poorly adhered shingle can blow off out of the roof structure. So, that’s where missing roof should be looked for. A missing or hued patch will be detected if the roof is seen with a thorough glance.

Flashing Broken: Flashing are thin and seamless stripes of the metal that join the roof through sealing through the patches and joining lines of the shingles. That’s where the shingles get adhered with one another. Whenever, it breaks down or with broken join then there issue of roof leak starts occurring. 

Clogged Gutters: Clogged gutters are also responsible for roof leaks because when a pond of water accumulates on the roof due to gutter blockage then the water starts making its way through cracks and tiny holes in the roof. These holes and cracks due to water diffusion go on getting wider to make a roof leaking.

Age of Roof: Most of the time, it is the time period of the roof which it had spent with you. So, generation after generation a roof stays with you. Subsequently, it comes to be feeble and strength of shingle joins and other materials go on getting weakened. Then the common roofing problem occurs “Leaking”.

Chimney: Water does not always leak through the roof structure, rather water trickles down through the chimney and even the smallest cracks in it. Water ponds around the chimney due to gutter clogging and seeps through the chimney channel.

Skylight: Skylight can occur due to easy spots of improper and feeble insulation and installation of the skylight in the roof. This leads you to have a leaky roof.

Roofing Vents:  Plastic roofing vents may wear out with the passage of the time and the gaskets around pipe vents can find these holes and make them through leaky roof.

Soffit and Fascia Damage: Soffits and fascia are at risk of water damage leading to roof leaking over time. Whereas water can soften the fascia and cause holes there these two factors cause roof leak. Little animals like birds and squirrels can find these holes and make the problem even worse.

Excess moisture. Improper installation of gutters can lead to draining and pooling issues, causing leaks.

Excess of Moistures: Excessive moistures can also harm the strength of the roof. There are a certain number of reasons of moist in the roof. Such as rainfalls, water tanks and improper level of roof can harm the surface stability of the roof.

Apart from these, as earlier mentioned: poor quality shingles can be the reason for cracks and holes in the roof to get leaky. Even the problem may get worse when an architecture or structure of the roof be laid unprofessionally from an inexperienced roof installation service. 


There is no difference of opinion in choosing the roof leak repair solution to the best sight it can be reached with. A reliably trusted company should be considered for roof repairing. Some of the companies do nothing other than pasting an adhesive material onto the roof and seals like an inept. This you can do by yourself. A professional roof leak damage repair company will inspect the matter first and then after bidding a quote will repair your roof. After the roof has been repaired, they will show you to ensure that the roof is not leaking now.


Roof leak or damage repairs may cost you from several hundred to even thousand dollars. An average roof repair takes normally $150 to $600. But if the defect or cause of roof leaking is severe then there might they roofing repair professional can charge $800-$2000. If the cost takes such a huge chunk of money, then it is advised you to claim your insurance policy. Because a big amount can disturb your budget or even compels you not to repair the roof. So, the insurance company should be asked for the roof damage repair.