Scope of Yoga as a Career

Scope of Yoga as a Career

Gen Y believes in breaking the stereotypes. Going in for a typical 9 to 5 job is not their thing anymore. The youngsters tend to choose jobs that not only fill their pockets but fill their souls. Selecting YOGA as a career option may not be in the regular to do list for anyone. But looking at the global market trend, it doesn’t seem an obsolete path for any willing candidate.

Yoga, as said, is a tool to reveal and heal oneself. It on one hand is a science that keeps any human body physically active; on the other hand it is a philosophy that binds every hydro-carbon product of the universe to one single channel. And humans, being the most developed species can access this networking.

A person who has the knowledge of this spiritual act and can convey it to other people is known as a yoga guru. There are several benefits of choosing yoga as a career option.

Unique: Not every second person has the interest and knowledge on this sector. Being an unusual and unique field, unlike regular jobs, the career as a yoga guru lets someone propel classes and courses on their own terms. And as a spiritual act, it pulls-out the best of a person.

Greater Remuneration: In the global aspect, there might be quite a few yoga gurus, but in reality they are not sufficient. Due to less availability, a person, willing to practice yoga will want to pay a higher remuneration to extract the services of a yoga guru. According to recent studies, the annual earnings of a yoga guru are near about $40,000 (US dollar).

Physical and Mental Wellness: The global lifestyle of the human race is quite alarming. Physical wellness and mental peace are something we are in strong need of. Yoga is a useful tool in this aspect. Under the guidance of a proper yoga guru the everyday stress and turmoil goes up in the air. Whereas, for a yoga guru, it also brings mental peace and satisfaction

Fruitful practice: After becoming a yoga guru, it becomes quite hectic to engage in the daily practice. But while interacting with the students and training them the wisdom and capability definitely rises. And while they learn, the guru himself enhances his activities.

Personal Enhancement: Once completing a yoga training course the enhancement of a yoga guru results in a healthy society. Moreover, higher studies in this sector are also possible in every way, once one engages in the sector.

In recent times, the scopes for a yoga aspirant are numerous. For trainers, larger scopes are in resorts, gyms, schools, health centers, housing societies and large organizations. Various television channels hire renowned yoga gurus and socially well known celebrities prefer to have their own yoga instructor. 

The evolution of yoga started from India itself. Then gradually it spread to Nepal, Bhutan and other Mongolian countries. In recent times, not only East Asian countries, but the West European countries are also adapting yoga as a career option. Nepal, being the country of lord Buddha’s philosophy has a greater hold in promoting yoga globally and efficiently. 

The yoga teacher training in Nepal is based on the Vedic Wisdom and Buddhist Philosophy. In the spectacular mountain of Pokhra, the hospitality and culture mixes with the spirituality of yoga. Yoga teacher training Nepal is held near peace pagodas where the Tibetan chants feels soul enhancing which helps a human to grow spiritually. Surrounded by eastern Himalayan range, yoga holds a magnificent serenity all around.

For a yoga guru, having relevant skills and knowledge, yoga training in Nepal can be a greater opportunity to flourish in future.

As 2020 is moving forward, the global market is facing several ups-downs and waves of changes. And as a development factor, the employment generation is heading towards the service sector which includes health and wellness. Yoga being one of the most fruitful elements of the wellness part of the medical servicing holds immense interest and sheer generosity and growth. So willing yoga aspirants should definitely consider choosing it as a career option in the near future.