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Sea Cargo shipping to India

Sea Cargo shipping to India

India has a large waterfront boundary and it is spread over 7516.6 Kilometers and hence it is one of the biggest world’s peninsulas. There are 13 major ports in which 12 are Governments and one is corporate and 187 small and medium level ports in India. 90% Indian international trade is being done through these ports. Indian total domestic freight contributes only 6% by sea shipping. In this article we will discuss what impact of Sea cargo to India is in the shipping industry.  

Since last decades, Indian high economic extension moved towards crowded roads and railways as well. Indian roads comprise 4 million KM of length, weightage of local traffic is 60% in which national highways are 1.7% consisting 40% of road freight. There is much burden on Indian railway that is one of the largest railway networks in the world. Its utilization is 100%. Sea shipping is best and alternative way of transporting sea cargo which is not properly deal with road or rail freights. Sea transportation is a dominant way to do. there are many advantages related to sea shipping. 

It is clear that Sea transportation is safer, much economical less polluted. If we compare sea freight to rail or road freight, then we get the result that sea ships are cheaper 50% than road and 30% than rail. Coastal leg as it consumes more fuel but it is useful for larger size cargos. India has newly entered in emerging countries. India has taken behind China in economic growth. Its conversion to a free market economy and the progressive has been enhanced in the purchasing power of a highly qualified middle class have increased to promote greatly the sea cargo to India

 Along with the recent measures to control deficiency and affectation, as well as local and overseas investment in substructure and services, motivate great confidence to stockholders worldwide. for any export planning, Sea cargo to India has become a key option.

FCL or LCL for your Sea cargo to India:

To make it confirm that you are getting maximum advantages of your reservation of sea cargo to India, who provide services of full container load (FCL) or less container Load (LCL). FLC means that you have a full container specifically for your cargo luggage. If you have a packing up to 14 or 28 cubic meter or your luggage can fill more than half container, then this services will be provided to you. A container of 20-40 FT has a maximum capacity of 30 and 60 cubic.  When more than half container is filled by your cargo then it will deal cost effectively. But you should keep in mind that your cargo does not contain the product of any other company, and there is no compromise on it.  

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