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See These Reasons Why Couples Choose to Separate Ways and How to Avoid It

See These Reasons Why Couples Choose to Separate Ways and How to Avoid It

It might seem easy to fall in love, yet you can’t guarantee how long you can feel the same connection and affection for your partner. And while some relationships continue to work out and flourish, some aren’t that fortunate enough to make it forever. 

Maybe because not all the stars agree to align to lead two people to their happy ever after’ or have a fruitful love story, right? With that, this article tackles some of the most common reasons why couples fall out of love.

It also provides couples with a little help on how they can keep their relationship from falling apart or from going through a heart-wrenching breakup. So, whether you’re a married couple or not, see it for yourself and find out how you and your behalf can make it to a happy ending story.   

To start, here are some of the reasons why some relationships just don’t last these days.

Lack of couples counselling

Couples counselling experts can provide couples with the needed guidance and assistance to resolve marital issues or conflicts accordingly. Aside from that, couples counselling helps in improving a couple’s connection and communication with each other. Couples counselling experts provide clients with pieces of advice without compromising the stability of the relationship or marriage. 

Having an abusive partner

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why marriages or relationships don’t last is because of abusive partners. Remember that no matter what level or type of relationship you have with someone or how long you’ve been together, as long as there are signs of abuse, do yourself some favour by leaving. 

Regardless if it’s emotional, financial, physical, psychological, sexual or verbal abuse, you shouldn’t tolerate it and save yourself from experiencing the worst scenario that might happen shortly. An abusive partner may cause you to have trauma and trust issues over other people whom you might still encounter in the future. 

Severe addiction and bad habits

Some relationships just don’t work out simply because of the other person’s dependency on bad habits or uncontrollable addiction over something. Drug use, alcohol dependency, too much smoking, and some other bad habits may ruin a relationship, especially if the behaviour of the partner committing bad habits becomes affected as well. And like the abusive partners, those relationship partners who have addictions or bad habits should undergo the necessary legal counselling or guidance. 

Incapability to handle and resolve differences

Those who are in a relationship don’t share the same passion and interests as their partners always. 

However, some couples can’t withstand or handle the differences they have with their partner. Whether it’s a simple interest in something, set of future goals, principles in life, passion, and even differences in simple things like hobbies or favourite genre of music, some couples tend to collide. 

What can couples do to avoid conflicts and other issues?

Always make time for one another.

No matter how busy you get, always have enough time to make it up to each other. If you’re miles and miles apart, use different social media platforms where you can keep in touch with your partner. You should always find a way to talk or to see each other because love knows no boundaries. 

Be sure with your emotions.

Before entering a romantic relationship, you should be sure of your feelings towards the person you’re planning to be in a relationship with to avoid a painful or tragic breakup. Although heartbreaks are uncontrollable, you can do yourself a favour by thinking a hundred or a thousand times about your feelings toward that person first. 

Have an intimate time with your partner or spouse

Lacking intimate time with your partner may also weaken your relationship, especially for married couples. An intimate moment and sex help couples stay emotionally and sexually bonded from time to time.

If you don’t mind knowing, some people cheat on their partners because of the lack of sex and intimate moments. Although, in a deeper context, cheating will never be acceptable no matter what the reason behind it is. 

Being in a relationship is merely more than a commitment, and you can never guarantee that the relationship will go as smoothly as the first stage of being together. However, with couples counselling, proper guidance and knowledge, enough time and sexual bonding, couples can save their relationships or marriages without a hassle. 


Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with a Bachelor of library and information science on the side and now writes for The Relationship Room. It provides psychology services, therapy for couples, families, and individuals. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watch on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies.