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Should You Be Subscribing for YouTube TV?

Should You Be Subscribing for YouTube TV?

Is cable TV still a thing? Yes, that is what most people ask since the recent era has been filled with online streaming devices. You cannot praise technology enough for the glamor it has offered to the public. But we, the oldsters know the days when we wanted to cut the cord because the cable bill came much higher than the hours we spent watching the shows. But yeah, I know one thing you hate more right now, the fact that I called you an oldster.

Luckily, for us, we are introduced to many popular streaming devices. And not just YouTube, but also Netflix, Hulu, and others. Sadly, we have had to say goodbye to the cable world because these options seem much better than seeing the 50 to 60 channels that cable offers. So, the real question that arises is if it is worth subscribing to YouTube TV? 

Let us see the few things that makeup YouTube TV. 

Channel Lineup 

If you know someone who has recently switched from the cable to the streaming device, you will know how free they must have felt. The channel lineup on YouTube is similar. They have a diverse collection of channel lineup. They feature almost every genre and even in those genres, you will find multiple shows that would satisfy your leisure time. 

Moreover, you will find that many streaming devices do not feature sports channels. That is another step where YouTube TV has gained a point. They have a variety of sports channels where you can find solace when the player doesn’t hit the goal and you can scream at the TV while you munch on some Doritos. 

Record Your Favorite TV Shows 

One of the most disliked things about cable TV was when you missed your favorite TV shows because you were late for some dinner. So, now you have to wait for the repeat schedule that you have had memorized to watch it peacefully. Thanks to God that we do not have to face that anymore. 

With streaming devices, you can record your favorite TV shows and watch them as many times as you want. Again, technology giving us what we didn’t know we needed. However, YouTube again takes a point here.

The famous YouTube TV offers you the freedom to record multiple TV shows at the same time! And you can record as much as you like because there is no storage restriction with YouTube TV! Other platforms either have limited storage or require additional fees. So, watch any game, drama, or movie you want for up to 9 months!

Watch on the Go 

Are you planning a vacation because of the stress your current routine is giving you? Make an upgrade and take YouTube TV on the go! Gone are the days when you had to reach a destination to watch TV and make the full setup of popcorns and adjusting the cable to get the best quality. 

With YouTube TV, you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows while you are on a road trip or in an airplane. Your account is compatible with many other devices besides the television. We know the comfort of a couch and snacks cannot be beaten by anything. But when the boredom strikes out of nowhere, you can pull out your phone, log onto your YouTube TV account and watch your favorite TV shows!

Everyone in the House Can Enjoy the Streams

Do you know how with cable TV, everybody in the house can watch on different televisions? Yeah, that isn’t the case with streaming devices. We all love the family time we get while watching our favorite show together or when the weekend comes, and we try our luck with a new movie. But sometimes, you want to watch alone. 

For those people, YouTube TV offers 6 different people to use the streaming device. And three screens can be used simultaneously. So, whether you all want to watch a different TV show at different times and places, or want to watch the same thing together or on different screens, YouTube TV has got you covered. 

Better Quality  

Last, but not least, YouTube TV offers better quality than cable. With the cord, you can get 720p at max and you know the struggle of adjusting the cord to even get 420p. But with YouTube TV, you can get 1080p, HD resolution. You can enjoy the fast-moving cars turn and drift away at shutter speed or the kick of the ball up close! It is all in the screen quality, isn’t it? If you are worried about YouTube TV’s subscription, then you can get the YouTube TV free trial to see if the subscription is really worth your time. From us, this is the information we researched to give to you. Happy binging!