Significance of Indian Jewelry & Its Importance

Significance of Indian Jewelry & Its Importance

Jewelry holds a special place in the life of Indian women. It’s a significant adornment to them since ages. On any occasion be it cultural or religious, the make-up of women is never complete with wearing one of pieces of jewelry available to them. Apart from adding a touch of beauty and style, jewelry also helps give elegance and fills the wearer with confidence.  More so, jewelry made from metals like gold, silver and diamonds are so much in demand in this country and you won’t find a home with the presence of them. 

  • Jewelry is the key to accentuating the feminism factor 
  • Women often wear jewelry to symbolize wealth, power and good status   
  • The value of jewelry is rooted in tradition and mores   
  • Each region of India has its own distinctive culture and tradition, so the types and designs of jewelry vary drastically 
  • Wearing jewelry is also backed by science to bring lots of health benefits to the parts they are worn in/on

A wide variety of jewelry is worn by women in India with each having its own unique meaning and significance, including –  

1. Tika

Women wear tika which has a chain and a pendant in the front and a book at the back. While the hook will hold the jewelry at the hair end, it’s the pendant that ornaments and embellishes the centre of the forehead.  The jewelry has worn on the forehead which is the centre part and symbolizes the final union place of male and female. 

2. Nose ring 

In India, the makeup of a married up is not complete unless she wears a nose ring which has a unique charm about it. Carrying both traditional and scientific value, the ring is always a key part of the bridal jewelry and also deemed the most auspicious jewelry for any occasion, particularly wedding.  

3. Earrings

Women in India wear earnings to stop evil spirits from entering the body through any of available openings. This jewelry when worn in the ear protects women from the risk of any evil. In fact, studies have shown that wearing earrings can help keep the kidney and bladder away from risks.  

4. Necklace 

Necklaces are one of the important pieces of jewelry for Indian women and they are believed to help one control emotions and increase love towards others (that’s why it’s worn near the heart). It’s also a jewelry that brings good fortune and keeps away the evil eye. Legends have it that wearing a necklace can save women from the risks of hypnotism.  

5. Bangles 

Bangles have to the most ubiquitous and most worn jewelry in India as they are linked with romantic connotations. While bangles help women express their presence and gain attention, they are also scientifically helpful in boosting blood circulation level and controlling the energy through the outer skin. 

6. Toe rings 

Wearing toe rings is something that is much more than expressing oneself as science links it with regularization of the menstrual cycle in women. It’s believed that the friction that is created by wearing toe rings helps in revitalizing the reproductive organs of women. More so, toe rings are important because the nerves in the toes are linked to the uterus. 

7. Ring 

Wearing a ring is more than romantic connotations as its significance carries deeper meaning for women. It’s believed that the wedding ring is worn in the middle ginger as it’s connected with the heart and controls emotions. So, you can also buy handcrafted jewellery online and showcase your love and care to the tradition and to those who matter a lot in life.  

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