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Silicon Mobile Case Vs Plastic Samsung Note 10 Lite Cover: Comparison

Most of the people are always confused between the two most popular mobile case choices – silicon cover or plastic case for Samsung Note 10 Lite cover! If you have recently bought a brand new, elite, and shiny smartphone, then this is the time to buy its phone cover too, isn’t it? Now, you must be wondering which of the two case materials should you go for. Whether you should conclude the purchase of plastic mobile or should you opt for a silicone cover. 

Silicon Mobile Cover Vs Plastic Mobile Cover

Let us begin by knowing about the two materials first. 

Material difference

A plastic mobile case is made of a polymer. The plastic cases are available in several varieties. At the same time, TPU is a material that is soft and flexible, polycarbonate or PC is a stronger and a more rigid material that gives you a feel of hard plastic. Most of the plastic cases are made up of a combination of these two materials or more types of plastic. 

Coming to the silicone material, it is a polymer made from silicon mixed with several elements too. Silicone has a softer and rubbery feel. It is smooth and comfortable to touch. 

Feeling to hold 

There is a lot of difference between the two when you try holding them. They have different textures.

The plastic mobile case is harder, and the silicone case provides a softer touch. It is quite smooth to hold the silicon cover. Silicone will lend you a rubbery texture. 


Another important thing to note here is that silicon is a cover that tends to provide a great grip in Samsung Note 10 Lite cover, but plastic may slip out of your hand often. Many case manufacturers have now started to introduce special features into the plastic cases, that can make it easy to hold such as sharp edges, adding a material that can offer a better grip, etc. Else, a plastic case is quite slippery.


If you compare these two on the parameter of durability, then let us inform you that plastic and silicone both are very durable materials. But you must also be aware that the plastic material is susceptible to cracking and chipping when the impact is quite hard. The case cracks due to shock absorption, which is a good sign as it had just protected your precious phone.

Coming to the silicone, which is very durable too, but it can bend and twist and does not damage itself. 


This is also an area of consideration for mobile cases. It is difficult to clean the silicone material because of its rubbery finish. It attracts a lot of dirt and grime as time passes, and it becomes extremely challenging to clean it well. But plastic cases are very easy to clean and wipe, anytime we want. It will become shiny and look as new as it was bought.


Now, the most important of all – functionality. The phone may get damaged in many ways. It can hurt its body or just corner or the sides, etc. In this case, both the mobile covers will lend protection to the phone against drops, but plastic may do a better job since plastic cases are thicker than silicone cases. However, these days even silicon cases are the best options as it comes with a shock absorption feature. 


This is one area that cannot be compromised too. The silicone cases are more trending in style, but the downside is that it yellows over time, hence looks dirty and dilapidated. Plastic cases may have multiple and exclusive designs of mobile case back cover. So, if you want to go for cute designer back, then plastic seems to be a better option. 


It is also our responsibility to think about what is best for the environment. Silicone is a greener and safer material as compared to plastic. When plastic is burned, it releases harmful chemicals, but silicone combusts with no toxic bi-products. 

Now, what do you think which one would you go for? You might have got a good idea after reading such deep insights into the two most popular choices. Now that you know each of these materials and what their pros and cons are, you will be able to determine which material is the best for your phone like Samsung Note 10 Lite cover