Situation of Environmental Pollution

Situation of Environmental Pollution

The biggest need of the hour is to save our future generations from toxicity and disasters of nature, is to think about growing environmental pollution and how it is thrusting us into the swamp of pollution which is an incurable disease and could lead to devastating circumstances in the near future.

Alarming Situation in Pakistan:

According to an EPI report Pakistan is amongst the top 12 countries in the danger zone of environmental pollution which means that the environmental calamity could result in a catastrophic situation all over the place and it would be too late to do something about it as it is the only preventable disease, not curable at any cost. 

Waste Management:

Millions of tons of waste are produced on a daily basis by the people of Karachi as if there is a deal of replacement of waste such as Karachi deals today offering something precious in return of waste. People need to think that they are buying different diseases and maladies for their own selves and this plague of environmental pollution would wreak havoc on their own well being. Millions of tons of solid waste are difficult to dump and decompose, giving rise to the amount of debris which is getting ungovernable. 

Solid Waste:

Waste produced as a result of human activities and how this waste is effect the city and environment is a grave concern. 

Types of Solid Waste

BioDegradable: All the organic wastes such as wood plants fruit vegetables animal’s even humans are BioDegradable Wastes, which means they break down into simple organic molecules and become part and parcel of our ecosystem. We can easily find eco-friendly products at Gospark. 

NonBioDeGradable: Non Biodegradable waste are plastics and synthetics which pose a serious threat to our environment. Because it cannot be disposed of or dumped easily.

Even the burning of plastic lead to emission of greenhouse gases and thus ozone depletion.


The waste produced as a result of mobiles, computers and other hundreds of electronics such as those available at Imran electronics is giving rise to thousands of tons of waste every day which is difficult to dump and dispose of. And is a huge burden on mother Earth

Domestic Waste:

Waste which we produce in our daily lives such as pampers, boxes, kitchen waste, other forms of litter generated from society is our domestic waste which can be reduced wisely.


A piece of cloth requires cotton, gallons of water, industry, electricity and other resources etc to come to its finished form and we merely waste it just because of changing fashion trends or other small reasons. Have we ever thought about the risk it poses to the environment?

Our Prophet PBUH used to stitch his own clothes so that his ummah can get the message of no wastage. The message of being eco friends is in some form or other hidden in the teachings of our Holy Prophet PBUH.

Food Wastage:

1kg of food leads to emission of methane gas and other greenhouse gases which are again dangerous for our ecosystem and therefore it had been prohibited and considered a sin in our religion which no doubt gives a complete code of life!!