Social Media Wall and It’s Unbelievable Role in Event Organizing

Social Media Wall and It’s Unbelievable Role in Event Organizing

Let the wall do the talking! No, it’s not about a haunted house. I’m talking about the social media WALL. Wondering what’s a social media wall? You’ll get to know it as you read on.

This is the internet era and in this era, social media is more happening than the real world. People, businesses, and events are taking over their spaces on the wires and WiFi to bring up their digital existence. Social media has brought a comfortable space to connect with the world, sitting within the four walls of your room. As you reach the last word of this article, you’ll get to know about what a social media wall is and how’ll it make your event a craze for the audience.

The Call for the Social Media Wall

A social media wall is a tool that creates the digital existence of your event like an Instagram hashtag slideshow. Event organizers have adopted the use of social walls at events like corporate seminars, wedding receptions, music concerts, etc. These quad-corned screens work wonderfully to engage the audience via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The wall displays the posts and updates from all the social media at a global level. It helps indulge your followers around the world to be a part of your event, even when they are not present there in person. 

With different features and approaches for each social media channel, they offer variants for communication. The tool lets you display public opinions on the events, and it helps engage the audience with question-answer sessions, polls, and contests. 

The Role of Social Wall

At events, the attendees are scattered all over the venue finding the spots to click selfies to show the world where they are. The marketers can simply take advantage of their selfies to digitally involve the attendees to promote the event on social media with a crisp hashtag. They would be excited to see their selfie on the wall as the event is live. Don’t worry. The social media aggregator you’re partnering with will take care of the content and will make sure it’s interactive.

Here is a list of answers to your curiosity about how the social media wall is going to make your event a hit!

1. Let them be the stars!

The social wall is a tech concept involving user-generated content as input. The visually appealing displays help attract an audience in larger groups and they would want themselves to be on the screen as it seeks attention. This psychological factor engages them closely with the event, intriguing them to be a content creator for the social media wall for events. They will find interest in the event to create content for the social wall and end up being a mouth marketer.

2. The Grand Brand Marketing

The social media wall is a part of the new-gen digital marketing tools to promote brands. Exhibiting the content created by the customers can create an impactful effect by engaging them with your products and services. Letting the customers be on your marketing cart is the best way to drive the brand promotion, building emotions of reliability and trust towards the brand.

3. Radiance of the Audience

As said in the first point, who doesn’t love to see themselves on a public display screen! As they turn into stars at your event, it increases the heat and light by getting engaged. It creates an urge in the attendees to post more about the brand and event. The social media wall is something no one wants to miss to be on, and you can make the best with unpaid promotions done by them for you.

4. Sponsors’ Happiness and ROI

As the social wall engages the attendees, it makes them future shoppers while being connected to the brand. The investment in the event will certainly give a good amount as Return of Investment, which will be the success of the digital marketing campaign. It will also bring a smile on the sponsors’ faces as the social media wall has been giving an event-long shout-out with their logo and co-branding on it, generating revenue for the sponsors. The social wall is often used to promote the sponsor’s offers and discounts to get easily into the minds of the attendees.

5. Better Identification of the Target Audience

Several approaches like the question-answer session and polls on social media will let you know the likes and dislikes of the audience. The post-event statistics of the social wall will let you know the results of contests and ReTweet leaderboards will let you classify the segments into the target audience and the prospective ones.

Make the best out of it…

We have opened up with you regarding the secret ingredient for a successful event in this internet era. Partner up with an experienced social media aggregator to add the real interactive essence to your social wall, and they will let your marketing ideas to bring out the best results.