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Some rare but interesting facts about Otani Tyres!

Some rare but interesting facts about Otani Tyres!

Do you rely on your cars to move from point A to point B every day? Then you must be well versed with the components that keep you rolling with full confidence on the road. For most of you, it might be the engine that provides you a comfortable ride, while for others, it’s the battery. As long as they roll along without falling apart, most of you often neglect or forget about the tires. People fail to understand that like most other parts such as engine, battery and hood, tires also need to be taken care of. Be it OTANI tyres or Continental tyres, every tyre has some common interesting facts. Here are a few rare but interesting  facts discussed about tires that you might not have heard before:

Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Otani Tyres

  • Tires Aren’t Naturally Black

Rubber tires are naturally white.The manufacturers add carbon black during production to make the tires stronger under tension as well as to reduce the heat away from it to prevent your car tires from wear and tear. 

  • Used tires produce a lot of waste

Do you know every year there are more than 250 million of “used tires” discarded? To solve this problem, many recycling programs work to melt the tire down, which is later used in asphalt. Sometimes few tires are shredded to use in the garden soil, while sometimes they are used to making new tires.

  • Valve maintenance is crucial:

According to most of the tyre manufacturers, the maintenance of valves of the tyres is the most crucial part of all as these are solely responsible for maintaining pressure. Thus it needs to be checked on a regular basis. Valves are protected by valve caps from dust, grit and water from the outside. Do not forget to replace these valves when you fit a new radial tyre in your car. 

  • Static electricity affects your car tires: 

Static-electricity build up is becoming a problem for tires these days, as the rubber compounds used so far have been modified to reduce weight and resistance. This problem can only be solved by incorporating a grounding strip into the tire to make it more efficient.

  • The modern tire contains over 200 materials

Well, this may be a complete unknown fact or you. Not just the Kevlar, nylon, rubber, and steel, that is used to manufacture tyres. There are around 200 materials required to produce tyres such as titanium, silica, saline, and cobalt to help it bond to the steel belts and enhance the tyre performance. 

  • Some brands give advantages:

This might be rather your uncomfortable secret, but most of you are well aware of it, anyway. While there are some branded tyres that are in the continuous process of improving their quality in terms of control, grip, handling and even safety. There are also some premium tyres that are good at scoring all rounded success, by enhancing both performances as well as comfort. 

But if you consider sticking to a particular brand having both the qualities of a branded tyre as well as a premium tyre, you definitely need to choose “Otani tires”.  Otani Tires are manufactured by Otani Tire Co. Limited, a Thai-based manufacturer, known for manufacturing all types of heavy loaded trucks, commercial vehicles, passenger cars that run smoothly even on asphalt, unpaved roads, and other diverse conditions. They are specialists in manufacturing different types of PCR tires and their innovative designs have made Otani tyres quite economical. Thus, after achieving such economic growth, OTANI has expanded to serve the customers with the best value.

What differentiates OTANI from the brands?

  • The manufacturing of the products is done in its origin country, therefore, OTANI enjoys its reputation in the market by exceeding customers’ satisfaction with quality products and its outstanding performance. 
  • OTANI tires are designed to give you a robust and rugged tyre feature. As a result the customers are seen to retread multiple times in order to get less cost per kilometer and cash-in the prolonged life-span of the tyres.
  • Otani pays special attention to the after-sales service to its customer.They hold seminars on the tire industry to teach both the customers and the employees  about how to handle and maintain car tyres to achieve the best performance and save the operating cost.

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