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Splendid Honeymoon Ideas for Less: How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Honeymoon in the UK

Splendid Honeymoon Ideas for Less: How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Honeymoon in the UK

The most common predicament during weddings is when couples spent most of their budget on the wedding day itself but what about life after reception? Here starts the dilemma. Of course, you’ve spent several busy days and nights preparing for the big day and hence all you want to do after the hectic schedules of preps and all is to unwind, make the most out of your dream honeymoon, and enjoy every minute of being Mr and Mrs. However, all that’s left from the budget can only suffice a tiny wiggle room. So, how can you get a splendid honeymoon escapade without completely breaking the bank? Save your sorrows because we have discovered a few honeymoon suggestions that will help spend your time together on a budget. 

Stay at a Log Cabin

A Stay at a Log Cabin

You don’t have to visit places like Canada or Bali to experience a cosy stay that’s close to nature. A serene place called Griffon Forest is just one ride away from York. The sanctuary is nestled on a-hundred-acred woodland that boasts for its hiking trails and fishing lake amenities. You can stay in Poachers Lodge for around £300 and get surprised by the inclusive treats that you can have by availing this amazing deal. Staying at the Poachers Lodge includes a king-size four-poster bed, a 6-feet circular Jacuzzi, a spacious lumber deck with an outdoor hot tub, and a flattering set of wine and chocolates on your arrival.    

Holiday Cottage

An out-of-town Holiday Cottage

A holiday cottage is just so calm and peaceful, especially if you choose a venue that is perfectly situated by the beach or a lake. But if hiking is your interest, you can visit a classic cot like The Old Farrowings in Derbyshire for only £50 per night. Aside from you can find a pretty fair deal, you can also save a lot of money on food by cooking your own meal by day and dine in a local pub at night. Plus, surprising your lawful spouse with some cheesy snuggles and breakfast in bed sounds like a sweet idea!  


Some Amorous Glamping

Traditional camping with some smores by the bonfire might sound a little odd for a honeymoon. And maybe you would never include it on your honeymoon list but how about taking a traditional camping to the next level? You have two options for an amorous glamping idea on your honeymoon. First is the famous Priority Bay Hotel in the Isle of Wight which boasts for its luxury-designed yurts. The price starts at  £200 per night for this accommodation that includes English breakfast, stylish accessories and furniture, a king-size four-poster bed, sofas, and a complete bathroom with a flushing loo. The second option for glamping is The Dome Garden, located in The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. For an amazing deal of  £375 that covers a three-night stay, you can avail a single dome with solid floors, a wood-burning stove, a king-size bed, and an ensuite shower room. With glamping ideas, you can spend a honeymoon vacay while enjoying the dramatic outdoor views of the sea and the woods.       

converted bus

An adventurous stay in a converted bus 

Here’s how newlyweds break the stereotype among romantic honeymoon ideas. I swear, I would definitely take a converted bus honeymoon tour if I were the bride. I think the idea is cute, fresh, and economical. Inspired by a minibus hire, Lisa Jane Powis created a holiday accommodation that introduces her three double-decker buses named after Beetie, Betsy, and Billie. These bus accommodations are furnished with kitchen, bedroom, and comfortable seating where you can lay back and take a look at the breathtaking views of the outside as you take some London tours.

Author Bio: Sarah Contreras is a full-time travel blogger, which means writing adventures, travel spots, and accommodation reviews is her bread and butter. She currently writes for Belle Vue, an award-winning coach hire management service in Manchester.