Style Beginner’s Guide: Essential Styling Tips for Men

Style Beginner’s Guide: Essential Styling Tips for Men

A key to look classy is whatever you are wearing, carry it with utmost confidence. With confidence, you can even carry an out-dated look in the most stylish way. However, if you are a beginner who does not know how to style oneself, the blog will be of great help to you. Here we have listed a few essential tips and tricks that can help men to make their fashion game on point.

 1. Invest in Well Fitted Clothes

While splurging on clothes for yourself, chose a correct size. A right size plays a crucial role in your style. Before buying a shirt or denim from online store measure your waistline, shoulder, and length and according buy clothes. Often people buy a particular dress because they like it, without considering its size, which is not correct. A well-fitted dress will always look perfect regardless of its price tag.

2. Match your Shoes with Belt

If you are unsure about the color of your accessories, it is a good idea to match the color of your shoes with your belt or vice versa, especially if both are leather. For example, a brown belt looks classy with brown shoes, similarly black shoe compliments black colored belt. These two (brown and black) are versatile colors that compliment all colors of the outfit.

Remember minimalist look, looks more flattering, so invest in simple and sober accessories. Avoid accessories with flashy colors and too much bling. For special events, they are okay but not for daily use.

3. Contrast is the Key

Instead of opting entire solid color outfit, look for a contrasting color. For example, a blue-colored shirt does not look pleasing with same colored pants. You can opt for color from the same family but not the similar one. It gives a monotonous look, which is not flattering. Therefore coordinate your outfit with contrasting colors.

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4. Invest in Unique Pieces

It’s not essential to invest in high-end brands to look smart; you can even look dashing in less pricey attire. All you have to do is shop wisely. Rather than splurging on numerous outfits, it is a good idea to invest in a few pieces that will last you for longer.

For wise shopping, it is good to do detailed research about the latest trends and looks. Another thing one should consider is the color of the outfit. It should complement your skin tone.

 5. Complimenting Accessories

Accessories are not restricted to women only; in fact, men can also accessories their outfit. However, avoid going overboard. A basic thumb rule of selecting an accessory is that it should have reason to wear an accessory, for example, your watch will tell you time, your tie bar will keep your tie neat.

Nevertheless, you can wear as many accessories you want to wear but make sure it balances your look. Otherwise, you might look like a clown, which you won’t want.  Therefore, use your accessories sparingly.

6. Buy Quality Innerwear

We often overlook our innerwear and thus commit one of the fashion faux pas. It is important to invest in good quality undergarments, one that fits you well. There is no point in buying underwear, whose edges shows up. It will not give a neat look. Moreover, it is suggested to consider your outfit while purchasing an undergarment. For example if you are wearing formals, a boxer is not the right option for it, instead, go for briefs.

7. Tuck Your Dress Shirts In but Not t-shirts

Dress shirts are generally white shirts which are worn with a bow tie and blazer jacket, and it is usually restricted to formal occasions. For a sharp look, it is a good idea to tuck your shirt in. On the contrary, T-shirts should not be tucked in always, especially with denim.

8.  Do not forget Pocket Square

A pocket square is a pocket-handkerchief which is worn with a blazer. A formal suit is not complete without a pocket square. It gives a smart and dapper look. The color of the pocket square should match with your tie. Make sure the pocket is square is ironed and nicely folded; otherwise, it will give a clumsy look.


There is no particular thumb rule to style yourself, what all matter is your sheer confidence. However, there are few styling tips which can help you look stylish without doing much.