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Ten health and wellness trends

Ten health and wellness trends

Each year, trend speaks to topics that boost the health and wellness envelope in unprecedented ways. We predict that there are very new directions in wellness will grow worldwide and become big business in a year’s ahead. This year, the wellness got a makeover. People started having more open, honest conversations about mental health; green beauty went mainstream, people embracing intermittent fasting.

There is no denying that we can all use a little more wellness in our day to day lives. Might that mean putting a weekly yoga class on your calendar? Adding adaptogens to your diet? Practicing self affirmations at the start of your day? However you choose to make your next coming days best ones is a deeply personal decision, but there are some pretty big wellness trends on the horizon.

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Ayurveda is going mainstream:

Companies are queuing up to take advantage of the rapid revolution in naturals and Ayurveda, which have been side light for decades. The main benefit of ayurvedic treatment is that it has no side effects, since they are prepared naturally. This helps curing diseases without causing any other problems. Where as allopathic medicines have any side effects- hair loss, weakness, allergies. Thus ayurveda is very effective and highly beneficial. It’s not only cure the disease, but also rejuvenates our soul and mind. Ayurveda is going through a Renaissance right now because people are becoming increasingly aware of 9 body connection.


Lately, working out has become a culture between the folks.Wearable technology like smart watches, fitness trackers, heart monitors has become quite training in age group of 20 to 40 years. There are various fitness programs that emphasize fitness needs of the baby boom and older generations. Which is wise considering, exercise is a greatest before people to maintain bone density and muscle mass as they age, plus reap the numerous other health benefits that come with being active.


 This ancient practice has been on the list for many years. In the recent years yoga has taken as many forms like “power yoga, yogalites, yoga in a hot environment” and many more. Who is aware of what different styles of yoga the longer-term holds?

Mental health takes center stage:

 In past years, we have seen an explosion in new information on mental health. People started to open up about their struggles. Reaching out and talking with someone for help weekly, bi weekly, monthly has become quite common since last few years. People started accepting the fact that there is something incredibly healing about telling a crowd of people exactly who you are. Where have therapeutic comedy classes established in Canada and Northwest.

Reimaging primary care:

Hospital consolidation is on the rise, a trend that shows no signs of abating as providers try to streamline back in operations in hopes of improving outcomes and lowering costs. However, some primary care physician is looking at the exact opposite approach- descaling and taking cost out by radically simplifying their practices as a way to make them clinically, financially and personally sustainable. Appointment start on time and patience never have to wait in the waiting room and patients can have a more meaningful relationship with the physicians.

Personalized nutrition:

 Personalized nutrition maybe abstract analogue to personalized medicine. Next Gen nutrition companies are using technology to offer personalization. Mini personalized nutrition companies are focusing on mobile first approaches, chatbots and holistic emphasis on wellness. This may become the future tools for personalized nutritional counselling for health maintenance and disease prevention.

The rise of mesonutrients:

 2019 will be the year of rise of mesonutrients. Mesonutrients are the active natural compounds found in foods that may have certain health benefits. Consumers not only want to know about the nutrition content of the food, but also about how to ingest more of active compounds inside those foods to maximize their benefits. The rise of mesonutrients will result in the 2019 consumer looking for ways to function at optimum capacity, using their own awareness of nutrition and supplementation to give new meaning to the idea of plants as medicine.

Intermittent fasting:

Intermittent fasting is one of the diets of choice for those serious about getting health benefits and keeping their weight down. The most popular form of intermittent fasting include fasting for 16 hours and having an eating window of 8 hours, giving devotees between midday and 8:00 p.m. to consume their meals in a 16:8 format while others prefer 10:14, starting at 10:00 a.m. and stopping at midday. The trouble is the small issue of hunger. But there are also various companies offering an option to stop hunger pangs during your fasting window with fat that does not spike blood sugar and tastes amazing.

Telehealth gets more inventive:

Telehealth has been instrumental in re imaging healthcare be it- mental health or elder care, with video conferencing, remote patient monitoring, and consultation via mobile communication devices like your iPhone. But these services still suffer stigma that they are “less than” traditional method. Physicians and nurses are steadily adopting telehealth, which has been championed by younger consumers looking for efficient, cost effective solution. For patients in remote areas or people suffering from chronic alignments- telehealth can be a crucial option.

Eco-keto eating:

This year the ketogenic diet soared in popularity with regimes such as whole 30 and the keto reset diet strictly shunning all carbs, grains and sugar in favor of vegetables, animal fat and meat along with more vegetables, animal fat and meat. Keto diet has been proven to work for weight loss. 35% consumers see keto as an “ on-trend” diet. You can find various recipes for keto and ingredients and feel to be part of this community. So there is a large spread following for their diet and this helps them last longer. If someone does not feel supported, then the diet is harder to follow.
Author Bio: Rachel is a beauty and health specialist offering advice on beauty tips and healthy living. She has been in the health and beauty industry for more than 4 years. She is an author at Lifebun, nutritionist and a beautician. She has done an enormous amount of research in this field and helped numerous men and women transform their lives.