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The Basic Gym Etiquettes You Must Follow?

The Basic Gym Etiquettes You Must Follow?

Your gym is not your bedroom. There are other people around you who are wholly dedicated towards self-improvement. There are certain gym etiquettes which you must follow while hitting the gym.

Must Dress Appropriately

Always dress appropriately for the gym. Just like you cannot wear a sleeping suit to a swimming class, the same way you cannot wear anything to the gym.  

·         Must wear shoes: A typical gym involves all kinds of exercise machines: treadmills, etc. You cannot run on a treadmill with your sandals on. Never! So, you should always wear running shoes for the gym.   

·         Wear breathable clothes: This gym etiquette is more for your personal comfort than that of others. Wear breathable clothes to the gym so you can do the exercise without any discomfort. That doesn’t mean you cannot wear the compression shirts. These are designed for running or workout and they are quite comfortable.     

Put Dumbbells Back

The most important gym etiquette is to place the dumbbells and other machinery back once you are done with them. We come across many ignorant people who take bars, rods, plates, and dumbbells from the racks to do the exercise, and once they are done with them, they do not bother putting them back where they got them from. And to be completely honest, this is completely ridiculous. Always put the plates and dumbbells back once you have used them.

Always Be Supportive

Always be supportive and courteous. Do not act like a snob in the gym. Always be polite and helpful.  

·         Help others: Try to be a supporting hand. Whenever someone asks you for help, always provide them. Either it is in carrying benches or weights, or during the weight lifting itself, helps others.

·         Say thank you: Never shy away from saying thank you to others. People feel appreciated when you say these words.

·         Wait for others to finish: If you need any set of dumbbells or plates or a bench, wait for others to complete their sets if they are already using them. Never impose yourself on others. Wait for them to be done, and once they are, you can use these afterward.

Focus on Exercise

You should be completely focused on your exercise while in the gym. You should not engage in unnecessary chatter etc. while doing the reps.

·         Don’t give long pauses: Avoid giving long pauses between the reps. Your body is pumped up when you exercise. A long pause will bring your body temperature down. This will disturb your whole tempo.  

·         Do not chatter: When you talk between the reps, you take more time than usual to complete your exercise. By doing so, you are basically making other people wait more who have to use that machine which is in your use at the moment.

·         Do not litter: Littering is a bad habit. Eat your protein bars or fruits near the bin. You shouldn’t be littering around the whole area. No one wants to know what you are having.  

Never Exceed Limit

An important gym etiquette that you must remember is that you shouldn’t exceed the weight limit while exercising. Never make a laughing stock out of yourself. Remain humble, remain dedicated. It is only with the passage of time that you will get to lift more weight.

·         Never lift overweight: Do not lift unnecessarily heavy weights just to compete or show off. Lift the weights within a safe range.

·         Ask for a hand: Do not be hesitant when asking for help. If you feel that you need a hand during a set, you should ask people around you.  

·         Ask for guidance: More importantly, never hesitate to ask for guidance. It is better to ask others than doing the wrong exercise. Tone down your ego a little bit and talk to others about it.  


It is important to follow these gym etiquette in a strict manner. This will not only make your time in the gym but it will make other people’s time all more worthwhile too.