The Benefits of Consulting a Prostate Doctor

The Benefits of Consulting a Prostate Doctor

There are certain inner problems in men that can be too sensitive and crucial. A normal scenario of aging in men is its consequent enlargement of the prostate gland as well. This is located near to the urinary tract and controls the regular flow of urine. However, with an enlarged prostate, the urine sometimes doesn’t flow naturally and often gets blocked. This leads to unwanted pain in the area and subsequent feelings of constant itching as well. At this stage, it is time that you consult a prostate doctor. The doctor analyses your situation and carefully understand the issue. Accordingly, the medications are initiated for reducing prostate enlargement!

What is the most common prostate issue faced by males?

By the age of 40 to 50, most men tend to have an enlarged prospect. This is mainly because of heavy activities, stress and even poor lifestyle management. Therefore, a common problem associated with this gland is BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It doesn’t cause any cancer, but leads to excessive uneasiness in the body and blocks the urine flow. 

Since the prostate is enlarged, it constantly presses against the internal organs like the urinary bladder and the urethra. Thus, the entire urinary gland is under too much pressure. This situation can probably worsen if a prostate doctor is not consulted immediately!

What are the common symptoms of BPH?

When males encounter the BPH issue, the common symptoms are as follows:

  1. The trouble with normal urine conditions. It takes too long to continue the natural flow of the urine. 
  2. It often becomes difficult to pass urine at night. 
  3. The constant feeling of the fact that the bladder is not empty, in spite of urinating. 
  4. A strong sensation to pass urine.
  5. Inability to control the urine sometimes. 
  6. Weak urinary stream
  7. Passing the urine and then stopping for a moment, to pass the urine again. 
  8. Pushing too much to pass the urine. 

If any of the above conditions persist for too long, then take note of the following details:

  1. A weak urinary bladder
  2. Constant pain near the kidneys and lower area of the body.
  3. Backflow of urine. 
  4. Kidney and other urinary infections.
  5. Sometimes total blockage of the urine. 
  6. Kidney cancer
  7. Kidney failure!

The probable treatments for the prostate:

It is really mandatory to see a prostate doctor as soon as you notice any one of the above symptoms. The doctor checks your condition and gives you the following treatments:

  • Watch for the symptoms to subside-

In this case, the doctor recommends this step to those males, who have just encountered the issue. Several blood and urinary tests are conducted and regular check-ups are also listed. It is necessary for the male to limit alcohol drinking and check the timings of urine. Also, the flow must be kept in mind as well! 

  • Drugs-

A prostate doctor suggests drugs when the situation is a little worse. When the gland shrinks and it is too difficult to urinate, certain drugs are prescribed to cure the issue. It relaxes the muscles, keeps the body calm and soothes the urinary area. 

  • Surgery-

This is the extreme case situation, where your kidneys are not functioning normally and you fail to urinate. Surgery is the only possible antidote to cure the prostate issue. After treatments are also initiated to heal the patient’s internal injury. The patient is also given a certain amount of drugs so that the pain of the surgery subsides!

Therefore, do not just sit back and let your prostate problems grow. Analyze your symptoms and call your prostate doctor today for immediate resolution!