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The Secret to your beautiful living Room

The Secret to your beautiful living Room

If a home is our place of comfort, security, safety then a living room is the most happening room of the home. Right na?. A living room is a room which holds most of your memories since your childhood. I remember that I used to do most of the mischievous things in my childhood in a Living room only.

Nowadays it is very difficult to get a big living room so we need to make a plan to make our living room look the way we want. So let’s transform our small living room into the one that feels little cute, cosy, comfortable and lastly where you will experience warmth.

Here are some of the following ideas to make your living room beautiful:-

  • Choose the furniture which is proportional to the size of the space in the living room and if more seating is needed then use stools instead of a sofa and also make sure that you do not use too much furniture in the living room. This will make the room stylish and spacious.

  • Including soft and pastel shades on the wall of the room will make the living room more inviting and full of positivity like white, light yellow or light pink, Baby Blue, Mauve and many more.
  • Besides using the pastel colours make sure not to use too many colours just use only 1 colour and maximum 2 colours.

  • Colour Coordination between the objects is very important. For example the colour of the picture frames on the walls and the cushions or carpet and the furniture or the curtains and the furniture and carpet, walls and the picture frames on the wall. In white walls white picture frames completely blend in the wall and complete look become very eye-catching as you will focus on colourful pictures. A Colourful piece of furniture will make wonders here.
  • Give a vintage style to your room by hanging Vintage clock, Vintage Almirah, Vintage chair.

  • Hammock chair is now trending. Replacing the Arm chair or rocking chair with hammock chair is really a very good option. It is a trendy seating without using the floor space.

While choosing the rug make sure that the rug is larger in size as larger rug makes the room looks bigger.

  • The next comes the Lighting of the room. Choose the lighting that can be attached to the walls to save floor space like swing arm lamps.
  • These are some of the things you will make your living room more happening and you will love to spend hours and hours here.

Share some of the creative ideas you have used in your living room!!!!!