The Ultimate Guide To Logo Designer

The Ultimate Guide To Logo Designer

One thing is sure that when it comes to big brands or even small brands, none of them can function without their logo. Can you think of any such brands? No right! Logo constitutes an essential part of any brand. The logo does create a massive impression in the minds of the customer. 

Understanding the Need for a Logo

This is the right step towards a detailed guide. Businesses can be compared to the process of dating. The companies are always trying to attract customers and try and make the customers fall in love with the brand. Hence, it is advised to take the logo just like any picture on the dating app. This is actually what is going to attract the people and help them take an interest in the brand and know further intricate details about the brand. The logo does create an ever-lasting impact of the business, and it also very subtly; it gives immense information on the market. 

Defining the Identity of the Brand

A logo should be such that it speaks volumes about the brand, its features, personality, and whatnot. To achieve this goal, the logo designer should first know intricate details about the brand. The logo designer should know the brand in and out and be aware of its core personality. Once the logo designer has a fair idea about all the uniqueness and features of the brand, then he or she can take further steps with far more clarity and will eventually help to make an effective logo.  

Finding Inspiration for the Design

The third step, which is finding the correct motivation for the design, can be considered as the hardest step. The first thing which a logo designer should indulge in is- brainstorming. It is all about getting different ideas on the plate and logically assisting the pros and cons of the designs. The next is to get into the shoes of the target audience and think like them. This will help to shape up the ideas and give direction to further steps. Lastly, the planning stage is not about a single-person army. One should involve several people as diversity helps in bringing out the best of ideas. 

Checking Out and Keeping a Note of the Competition

Can you guess which is the best place to borrow ideas from? The apt way is to study the existing marketing to understand what works with the target audience and what does not work with the target audience. While going through the competitor business ideas, keep thinking about what the brand can do to make their logo a little different and unique than the rest. In the dynamic environment, we are living in, it has become essential to set ourselves separate from the rest to catch potential customers. 

Choice of a Style of the Design

Once, the logo designer has a clear vision of the brand and feel all motivated and inspired to work on it, the next step is to translate all the brilliant ideas into the design. Here various elements come into the picture such as colors, graphics, shapes, etc. It is vital to isolate every component and understand it in detail. For a logo designer, the first thing of importance is to pick up the right aesthetic design for the brand, which matches the vibe of the brand. 

Finding the Ideal Logo

Amongst the various logotypes, we have boiled down to a few main types of logos which can help the logo designer in India to choose:

  • Letter Marks: The monogram logos are used by brands that have huge sized names and can go with the initials such as H&M. 
  • Wordmarks: This involves using the name of the company as a logo, which gives a personal touch to the brand as well as customers. 
  • Pictorial Marks: The logo symbols are just like the iconographic images, which can be recognized easily and helps in effectively representing the brand. 
  • Abstract Logos: These are the logos that come in the form of geometric forms, which help in forming an immediate connection with the audience. 

Attention to Color

Colors in the logo play a very crucial part. Colors can add a different meaning altogether in the logos. The actual psychology, behind the colors, is extremely complex. Before finally boiling down to glow, the logo designer should in-depth study about every color and the meaning which is attached to it. For example:

  • The Pink color works best for a company that talks about feminine products and services. The color overall gives a very youthful and feminine look to the logo. 
  • The Black color looks for a very modern and sleek look. 

Picking of the Correct Typography

A proper font plays a vital role in giving the logo a complete look. There are mainly a few basic types of typefaces which can give the logo a unique look:

  • Serif Fonts: Such kind of fonts can help the logo to look way for classier. Also, this font makes the logo get a traditional and vintage look. 
  • Sans Serif Fonts: This font makes the best one for a modern and cleaner look. These fonts make the logo look extremely simple, stylish, and sleep. This type of font is ideal for any modern-day brand such as Delta Salt etc. 
  • Script Fonts: If a brand is focused on using a font which is very elegant and calligraphic, then Script fonts are the best to use. They give the logo a very individualistic look.  

Final Words

There are many logo designers out there who feel blank and lost about how to go about designing their logos. Here, we have curated a detailed step-by-step guide to help all the logo designers. These steps, if followed, will help them to achieve a logo that will match the needs of the brand and will also satisfy their own skill sets. 

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