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Things to Consider When Buying a Holiday Home

Things to Consider When Buying a Holiday Home

Summer is the best time to dream about spending a few lazy days at the beach. But if you believe in the saying that there’s no place like home, then nothing beats spending a weekend getaway at your very own vacation lodge with a slice of heaven. Well, I’m talking about a holiday home which is a luxury asset for homeowners who are lucky enough to own one. Though some people would think that secluded cottages were just a waste of fund, there might be good reasons to buy this kind of property ‒ either to give your family a place for a weekend retreat or make it a rental property for the rest of the time. This means that with a holiday home, you don’t only celebrate your own piece of paradise but you also make a rental income out of it.   

If you are thinking of signing up for holiday homeowners club, here are some important things you need to consider:  


Similar to purchasing a family residence, considering your target location is an important step in buying a holiday home. You obviously don’t need a place with close proximity to schools and employment hubs but you need to reach some essential amenities like petrol stations, airports, local shops, restaurants, or cafés, especially when you prefer a remote area for holiday cottages by the sea. You also have to check the availability of transport links to help you get to places in case of emergencies or if your car’s starter won’t crank. 

If you are thinking of spending the rest of your days in your holiday home upon retirement, consider a location with nearby hospitals, shops, and local communities.  


The range of costs is another important factor to consider every time you make a big purchase or investment. Some holiday homes are sold furnished. But if not, make sure you prepare the budget for final furnishings and other necessary expenses such as deposits, mortgage insurance, stamp duty, and solicitor’s fees. Considering the measurement and modernity of a holiday home will also help you settle your final decision regarding the project budget planning.      


When purchasing or designing a full-time house, homeowners often consider the size of rooms and ask themselves like how many quarters should the house contain or how big each quarter should be. Similar to this, you need to do the same considerations with a holiday home. You may also want to consider a holiday home with skyline or sea views. 

Since you won’t stay there every single day, make sure that all the important features are secured.  Check if the house could be at risk of fires or floods and learn the preparedness tips that you could do to protect it. You can also seek advice from professional project home builders when it comes to low-cost home design tips and maintenance requirements.  

Tax and Investment

More often than not, holiday homeowners are likely to pay a land tax and a capital gains tax when you try to sell the property, considering that a holiday home is not your primary residence. Otherwise, you may also tax on any earned income if you plan to rent the house out. If you have further queries, it’s smart to consult your financial adviser regarding tax-related issues. 

Property Management

This depends on how often you will be spending days at your holiday house. If you think your visit will occur for only once in a while throughout the year, employing a property manager may be necessary. Hire someone you can entrust your property with. 

Legal Implications

Legal laws and implications are something you need to check especially before you try to purchase a holiday home abroad. Some countries may prohibit possession of second homes within their land areas to preserve their local businesses from off-season financial droughts.

Author Bio: Sarah Contreras is a home design enthusiast. She loves flippin’ pages of decorating magazines and catalogues where she can find interesting home decor ideas that she often writes about. She’s a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke, the most trusted home builder in Sydney, Australia.