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Things to remember when organising your marriage event at your home

Things to remember when organising your marriage event at your home

While many people love to organise their marriage ceremony in a big hall or hotel, there are some who love to do it in their home. This will not only ensure that you can more easily supervise the arrangement while sitting in your home but also keep the cost down (as you don’t have to pay any money for renting a big marriage hall). If you have hired one of the top luxury wedding planners in Delhi to organise the event in your house, then you don’t have to worry as they will take care of the entire planning and organising process so that you can enjoy the ceremony without any tension. However, even if you have selected one of the best luxury wedding planners in Delhi, you must know some of the basic things you should take care of when organising a big event like marriage ceremony in your house.

We have listed some of these points for your ready reference, so go through them individually to get an idea of what you are getting into when you organise a marriage ceremony in your own house instead of the marriage hall.

1). Your budget: Budget is the first thing that you need to consider. When you fix your budget, it will give you an idea about how many guests you can invite, what kind of decoration you can make, and whether to hire the services of a celebrated photographer or an ordinary one. Therefore, you must look at how much amount of money you can spend on this celebration in total.

2). Finalise the guest list: It is essential as it will give you an idea of how much food you need to order, number of chairs for a seating arrangement and so on.

3). The parking space: When you invite guests to attend the wedding ceremony at your house, then you must select a big parking lot where your guests can keep their vehicles safely. Try to ensure that the parking lot is near your house so that your guests don’t have to walk a long way to reach the wedding venue. If budget permits, then you can hire a valet service who can guide your guests to park their vehicles in an orderly fashion and also ensure the safety of the vehicles.


4). Which rooms to use: When you organise a wedding ceremony in your own house, then you must identify those rooms, which should be open for the guests and those which should be reserved for your personal use.

5). Availability of washroom: When so many people assemble in your home, then it is important that you should arrange for washrooms so that they could not face any problem during their stay in your house. If your house who not have adequate washrooms, then you can either erect temporary washrooms or seek cooperation from your neighbours for the same.

6). Electricity backup: You should hire a generator so that in case there is a load shedding you will have a credible power backup for the wedding event goes on smoothly.

These are some of the important factors which you should keep in mind when you are organising a wedding event in your home.