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Things to Remember When Shopping

Things to Remember When Shopping

Almost all fashion brands and boutiques have their own online stores. People love to shop online because it is convenient and saves a lot of time (and money). However, you need to be a little careful because a simple mistake can result in a waste of time and money. 

Following are some important things to remember when you are shopping online.

  1. Know your up to date measurements

Online shopping comes with all the perks but there are some drawbacks too. For example, you do not have the luxury to try these dresses before buying. It can be a serious challenge, especially when you are buying a product where the size and fitting matters, for example high-waist jeans. 

Each brand has its unique manufacturing; there is massive inconsistency in sizes across them, although the size chart is universal. Therefore, knowing all your important measurements is a must. It is advisable to get it done through a professional, but there is nothing wrong if you are more comfortable taking it yourself. Be very precise when measuring bust, hips and waist. Follow the dos and don’ts of taking measurements available online by professionals to avoid the hassle of having to return the clothes.

  1.  Go through the size charts of specific brands

Once you have your measurements jotted down, compare them with the size chart available on the brands website. Websites having a bunch of brands together often put before their customers a generalized size chart. It is wiser to check the size charts of the brands only due the non-uniformity in sizing between brands, even those owned by the same company.  

Also, analyze the model with your own body in your mind. If you are short heighted and she/he is tall, the apparel will be too long for you. Likewise, the case holds true if the model is too skinny and you are not. 

  1. Let the customer reviews stimulate your decision of buying

Always read customers’ reviews about any apparel that you feel like buying. This is essential as people are more likely to share their experience or you when it is a bad one. However, a couple of bad experiences must not overshadow the positive reviews for you as they are subjective, and thus, based on personal opinion, which can be biased. Invest sufficient time and go through all of them to check what majority thinks the product is like and hence, make a decision based on your observation. See whether most of them are recommending it or calling it a knock off?  

  1. Do not buy if the return policies are not liberal

Familiarize yourself with the store’s return policies. If a store seems a little unclear about its return policy, either call them to ask about it or just avoid buying from there. It is important to feel secure when you purchase your clothes online as you are risking your money with a virtual buying experience. You have not seen or physically touched and worn it. Therefore, you, as a customer, deserve to know clearly defined and well-expressed return policies. Things to be taken into account include the time duration for the expiry of this policy and fees, if any, for restocking and reshipping. 

  1.  Control your excitement and always go through your cart

Online shopping is exciting, especially if you are a woman. But that does not mean you let your emotions rule you and make you an impulsive buyer. Don’t just keep clicking add to cart just because it is convenient. Be a shrewd clothes shopper by viewing your cart with a budget in mind. Look for any dress that is beyond your need at the moment and remove it from your list. Likewise, do not refrain from buying something that you feel will go out of stock the next time you shop. 

  1. Comparison shopping

Similar designs in dresses shirts and jeans are available at different brands. It is a good shopping trick to visit at least 2 – 3 different websites and compare prices before you decide to buy. For example, when you are looking for ripped jeans, you might see a price tag of $60 or more at big brands but you can get really good ones in just $30. All it takes it some due diligence but you would have done the same in a brick and mortar store, then why not here too, when the convenience is doubled? Unlock great savings for yourself. This shopping behavior acts as a driving force for retailers to bring their prices down in order to attract more buyers.

Here is where the savings makes its entry; looking for places where the retailer could have adjusted the discounted money like shipping cost. Don’t just fall prey to the reduced price. 

  1. Watch out for scams

Whether you are buying from a local retailer or an international one, make sure it is legitimate. Mostly scammers offer deals that are too good to be true. Be wary of these. 

  1. Get designer wears for less

A fairly new concept though, “online” second hand shopping is getting popularity. Buying from thrift shop is not only for those on budget. You might want something very precise that the online stores are not having at the moment. This is where thrift shops become your savior. Furthermore, what is even better is the ethically satisfied feeling you get after having invested in a good cause through this venture as these stores raise funds for disabled adults and it is a sustainable option.

  1. Don’t lose hope when struggling to find your size

You will not always be lucky enough to get your favorite apparel in your size. If it is oversize for you, don’t just let it go away so easily when getting it altered through a tailor is an option. However, you can’t do much about it if it is too small.