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Tips for Professional Kitchen Design Ideas

Tips for Professional Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is certainly one of the most important areas of your home or your restaurant. The design of your kitchen can have a positive impact on the excellence of your cooking and mood. While designing your kitchen, there are some tips from the professional experts that would prove to be effective.

The functional space of your kitchen has a great impact on your movement, cleaning and cooking. Your kitchen is the most essential part of your home. It makes you feel connected with your loved ones, cherish the memorable times with your guests and have a good alone time. Instead of missing out all the fun while hosting a party, you can cherish the chats with your buds while preparing the mean. Your kitchen serves the purpose of comfort and affection. We have listed the key considerations below that you might want to imply as you design your kitchen. Have a read:

The Kitchen Triangle

Before designing your kitchen, think about the three most essential elements of kitchen: the stove, refrigerator and the sink. There shouldn’t be a distance of more than 6 feet between these three essentials. Your convenience between cooking and cleaning depends on the structure of these components. The triangle will allow you to have a spacious place for cooking if you are accompanied as well. As a professional expert’s opinion, the kitchen which doesn’t has the Kitchen Triangle is considered to be poorly designed.

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The Storage

Plan your kitchen design which has enough storage. By placing overhead cabinets, deep drawers and portion for appliances is vital to have a clean and spacious kitchen. If you encounter a poor design without enough storage, you will end up with messy and jumbled up countertops. Pay keen attention on how to allocate space to stuff in the cupboards. Place the essential spices, appliances and items in the cupboards close to the counter. Secondly, too much counter-space is not a thing at all! Have a spacious countertop to work on, just ensure to choose the right surface.

The lighting

Ensure to think about the lighting in your kitchen. As any other room of your home, you require good light in the kitchen to focus on your cooking and items. You need to place lights on the front wall which is ahead of you, rather than on your back wall. By having the light at your back, shadow can be laid upon your workplace which would make it hard for you to judge the texture of your food. You can also add under-cabinet lights that could shine right upon the countertops.

The flooring

Consider slip-resistant floors when it comes to the flooring of your kitchen. Experts advice to think about the safety measures before going for fancy slippery floors. Hard natural stone work floors are the best to go with. As they don’t need periodic resealing like others. Hardwood floors surely look classy but they wear out faster near the areas of fridge, stove and sink. Go with the convenient floor type which is popular and secure.

Multifunctional Kitchen

Cooking can be used for relaxation along with entertainment. Include your kitchen island with seating furniture. As you throw a home welcoming party, you might need to stay in the kitchen for chores, so let your guests allow to feel welcomed and entertained by accompanying you in the kitchen. By adapting this technique, you can cherish the party with your guests without being excluded. You can also have breakfast with your family, served right out of the pan on the counter.

Two Tone Kitchen

You can make your kitchen look beautiful and warm by using two tones of colors. This will embrace the look of different entities in your kitchen. You can go with darker color on the doors along with the lighter toned color on the walls. Or, you can have darker toned walls matched along with light colored surface. By implying this technique in your kitchen, you can enhance the look of your kitchen with a subtle aspect.

Cooking is what you must enjoy. It is the time that you dedicate to your family and yourself. Consider the above-mentioned tips for professional kitchen design ideas and cherish the design while making some of the best meals of the day. Cherish the memorable moments!