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Tips to Keep Your Refrigerator Cool In Summer Heat

Tips to Keep Your Refrigerator Cool In Summer Heat

When summer season starts so does the craving for cold water and fizzy drinks start and you need a cold drink with every meal or even without a meal to keep your mind cool in the summer heat. But to get cold drinks available in your home, you need to keep your refrigerators in tip-top condition. It is also important for you as in the summer season you do not want your cooked food to be going bad. Because with humidity in the summer season, it gets hot and the refrigerator needs to work harder than usual to keep the food in good condition. Or it may require you to call appliance repair services living in Northern Virginia.

But with the help of some professionals and experts, we have gathered some useful tips to help you keep your refrigerators cool and running smoothly all summer long.

Keep your refrigerator away from kitchen appliances

In order to keep your refrigerator cool and running, it is important that you should keep your refrigerator away from other kitchen appliances such as stoves and dishwashers, although it is not completely in your control. These appliances generate heat which can force your refrigerator to work harder to maintain the cool temperature. Due to this, you can also feel a major increase in your electricity bills and it may also affect the condition of your refrigerator which may require to hire refrigerator repair services in Northern Virginia.

Never leave your refrigerator empty

Many people usually think that keeping the refrigerator empty is the best way to maintain the temperature, as there is nothing in the fridge that needs to be cool. But this myth is all wrong and it affects the refrigerator badly. When you keep your refrigerator stocked, it actually helps to regulate the temperature in a normal way. If you do not have much stuff to stock in your refrigerator, you can keep large jugs filled with water so that it works smoothly. This is the best way to save money as it won’t increase your bills.

Properly clean the gaskets of your refrigerator

It’s common that people do not pay much attention to the seal of the refrigerator that basically surrounds the door of your refrigerators. But it should be cleaned and inspected properly every week. The seals are normally made with rubber or plastic wand play an important role in the smooth running of the refrigerators. But with usage and normal wear and tear they worn out over time, so to keep the seal in good condition you need to clean the seals every day to remove all dirt as dirt can wear down the seal. For the cleaning, you are not supposed to invest in expensive products, just take some warm water and soap to clean it properly. You can test the seal of your refrigerator with a simple trick. Just take your dollar bill and put in the door if it doesn’t stick to the seal and falls down, you should know that your seal needs to be cleaned properly.

Never put hot food in the fridge

Mostly we all put our hot food leftovers directly into the fridge thinking that it is an efficient way. But in reality, if you put your hot food leftovers directly into the fridge, it can dramatically affect the temperature as it will raise the temperature which will lead your compressor to work harder to bring down the temperature to be it normal. It may also affect the ice maker of your refrigerators which can only be repaired with ice maker repair services living nearby Northern Virginia. So it is better to bring down the temperature to normal before you put it in the fridge as it will help in keeping the temperature of the refrigerator neutral. But also make sure you do not leave your food for longer in the room temperature as it can get spoiled. It is stated by FDA that you shouldn’t keep the cooked food out for more than two hours.

Regularly clean condenser coils

The basic function of the condenser coil is that it releases heat which helps compressor to run smoothly. But mostly, dirt, dust, and other debris such as pet hair gather around the condenser coil which can result in overheating of the coils which can lead to break down of the compressor and it will badly affect the temperature of the fridge inside as it will not keep the food cold. So it is better to regularly clean the condenser coils clean. In most refrigerators, the condenser coils are located at the back, you need to pull your refrigerator from the wall so that you can access them easily. For cleaning, you can use a vacuum or brush to clean the coils. You need to be extra careful if you have pets in your home who shed hair frequently.

Keep your food covered inside the fridge

Mostly we are in a hurry and put the food inside the fridge without even covering it. However it can be dangerous for the environment of the fridge, we should always take some time out to shift the food in some container which can be closed properly. Because, when you put uncovered food inside the fridge, the food release moisture into the air which leads the fridge to work harder to keep the temperature cool and it will also make your food dry which won’t be able to eat afterward. So always keep the food covered inside the fridge so that it can be fresh.

Keep the temperature which is recommended by the company

In the summer season, when the heat is at its peak, we increase the temperature of the fridge thinking that it will keep the temperature cool and your food will last longer. But the professionals suggest that you should keep the temperature of your refrigerator at a temperature which is recommended by the companies. The FDA states that you should keep your refrigerators at 40 degrees or below this temperature and keep your freezer at 0 degrees. Because, when you keep the fridge at a colder temperature than the recommended, it will not only make your bills go drastically up, but it will also affect the life of your compressor as it will break down faster than usual.