Tips to Make Instagram Android App Work Faster

Tips to Make Instagram Android App Work Faster

Instagram, with far more than 400 million active monthly active users, is one of the most popular smartphone apps. It’s available for iOS and Android, and it makes it easy for us to share our photos. However, it comes with several fantastic filters and other choices that make every image more attractive. Overall, this app works very well but you may face problems with Instagram on your Android phone or tablet occasionally. The app can collapse, freeze, or you can get the “Regrettably, Instagram has dropped” message. There are a few simple things you can do to get rid of these people, and the app will work smoothly again.

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You can fix this kind of problem by just following the steps below;

Update the Instagram App

Some of the reasons the app does not function properly, maybe because it is not up-to-date. So, what you have to do here is open your Android device’s Play Store application, open the Settings menu by clicking on three horizontal lines, and then select My Apps & Games. Tap Installed section and see if you want to update Instagram Application. You can only update Instagram but you can update it all anyway.

Clearing Caches

Clearing the Instagram cache is another simple thing you can do to address this issue. Go to Home screen settings, select Applications, and find Instagram and tap it in the Download page. Click the clear cache key.

Clear All the Data

If you have cleared the cache but still have problems, go to Settings > Apps or App Manager > Downloaded tab > Instagram again. Tap clear the data this time. Bear in mind that the local files and settings of the device will be removed after you clear the information and you will need to add your username and password to sign in to Instagram.

Restart Your Phone

If your device misconducts one of the apps, Instagram in this case, you can restart your phone. All applications and processes will be locked. Turn off your phone or computer a few seconds later and switch it back. Check the normal functioning of the mobile.

Update Android Software

When the above fixes have not solved problems with Instagram on the Android search to see if there is a new version of the app. Go to Settings and select “My Computer” and click on some device updates on Software upgrades. If a new version is available, click the Update button and follow the steps on the screen.

Delete and Reinstall the Instagram App

You can fix the problem by uninstalling the app Next, your Android device will have to delete the app. Go to Settings > Apps or App Manager > find Instagram, tap it and select the option Delete. Open the Play Store once you do that, look up and download the Instagram app and install it again.

Phone Startup Problem

Users don’t want to wait a long time for the launch of their applications. This is particularly important for Android, where less efficient phones more often destroy apps under memory stress, making the effect of a long startup period even more painful. Has tried to cut the start time of the Instagram app in half over the past year on Android, to the point where it’s now one of the quickest-starting phone apps. Instagram is now starting and can be used on a Galaxy S, in less than 0.5 seconds, and on a Galaxy Y, an older device popular in developing markets, in just 1.5 seconds.

The 2nd thing we noticed was that our news section really slowed down the start-up of the app. The News page displays you who liked and commented on your images, and we load it at start-up so you can quickly see your new activity. The news was originally introduced as a web view and we were surprised to find that it created a lot of posts on startup after profiling.


All of these joint efforts led to a much more functional Android Instagram that has been enjoyed by people for many years. Easiness is a fundamental principle for users and will continue to push hard on such efforts to make Instagram’s understanding as quick and beautiful as possible for all Android users of Instagram.

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