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Tips to Write Effective Reviews on Amazon

Tips to Write Effective Reviews on Amazon

How much amazon reviews have helped when you’re looking to purchase from their site?

How much do you consider amazon reviews before purchasing a book from there? 

Amazon reviews are helpful when you’re skeptical about the product, books, and services.  

The world is connected to Amazon pharmacom. From medical products to accessories, there’s not a single thing that Amazon doesn’t offer. 

All buyers and sellers are connected on this amazing platform who sell their products and earn through it. 

But with the plethora of products, it’s only the reviews that persuade the customer to buy the product. 

Imagine you’re thinking to buy a book from Amazon but not sure either the book is worth buying. So, what will let you make the decision to buy the book?

The reviews!

You can not only grow your network while writing reviews but can also earn through it. Writing reviews on Amazon also helps in affiliate marketing. If a customer purchases the product reading the reviews, you will earn a commission on each sale. 

But there are some tips to write great reviews on Amazon. If you’re looking at how to make money online through Amazon product reviews then these tips are also helpful. Let’s walk through them.

1.      The Structure

Don’t go for writing reviews if you haven’t used the product. Instead of saying that there’s no worth of downloading this book, it looks dreadful, ditches the review section. Only drop reviews if you have come across the products. 

A review is not based on professional writing structure, in fact, it follows a personal style. If you set a professional tone, people will get bored with your review and its meaning will be lost. So, let’s say if you’re reviewing a product, tell them how you come across it, how it helped your challenge and why it’s beneficial for your customer. 

First, create a catchy headline. It shouldn’t be long but short and compelling like ‘I find it useful,’ ‘Grateful to have it,’ and so on.  

Now, that you have created the headline, highlight the key features of the product that will help customers to know the strength of the product.    

Keep your tone conversational so more people can relate to you. Even the ones who find the product amazing feel the same thing as you said in your reviews. 

2.      Pros & Cons 

There are a few products, which are excellent and have no cons while majority of them can have one or two cons in them. If you highlight the pros only, users might term it as paid reviews or the one that’s bragging too much about the product. On the other hand, if you highlight the cons it will look like a real product review. 

For example, a review that says: 

“This book has helped me to overcome my writing loopholes and improved my knowledge about blogging. The insights mentioned in this book are worth to follow. But I would have appreciated more if the writer hadn’t repeat one topic several times.”

Is better than 

“This book is an excellent guide to improve your writing. I love it, every page of it is worth following, have insights, give me the information about everything and make me a maestro in a few days. Love the author’s writing style, everyone please buy and see the results.”  

So, learning from the above example, if the product has some cons, do mention to make your review sounds real. Although it’s not mandatory and if you think that the cons can be ignored, so you can.  

3.    Suggest Solutions 

Reviews are helpful in making the product better. If you find the product useful but have some minor problems with it, you can suggest a solution to improve it. 

Trust me, your reviews will be paid off and people will find it helpful. If you find grammatical errors in the book, highlight it so the next time the author releases his book, he would consider your reviews in mind. 

And also, don’t rate the product if you haven’t used it. It’s better not to vent in the review section when you haven’t gone into the details of the product. 


Reviews help your SEO agency to grow, make your product worth mentioning and also increase sales. But remember, if you’re reviewing a book, don’t reveal the plot of the story or else people can report you.  

So, the next time you go for writing reviews on Amazon, consider these three strong points to make your review powerful.