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Top 10 Designer Cakes Which are Always on High Demand

Top 10 Designer Cakes Which are Always on High Demand

The tradition of celebration with cakes is very old, which is believed to have started in the Roman era. Any commemoration like birthday, anniversary or any other occasion is danabol incomplete without a cake. A delicious cake with the best design is always the best way to make your loved ones feel special. These sweet pies have been perfected since ages. Buying a cake can easily confuse you. Therefore, we have arranged some of the best cakes that you can bookmark, which will help you to decide on a cake. It is not possible that you will be able to find all these in the local shop. So, if you are unable to find a cake, any one of these, you always have the option of online cake delivery in Mumbai.

Black forest cake:

This cake is prepared with layers of whipped cream with cocoa powder and cinnamon powder. This classic cake is perfect for impressing your dear one on any occasion. Black forest cake is a mixture of white whipped cream and chocolate bread or chocolate, which give the cake a beautiful appearance. So, adorn your celebration with this palatable cake.

Chocolate cake:

Chocolates are always everyone’s favorite. No matter what the dessert is, if it is baked with chocolate, it is sure it will make everyone crave it for more. Therefore, to satisfy all your chocolate desires, chocolate cakes are perfect for bringing a smile on your loved one face. Cakes are the sweet embodiment of love and care. And when they bake carefully, you don’t need to add anything else on your occasion.

Red velvet cake:

A cake which is prepared with either a dark red, bright red or red-brown color is red velvet cake. The traditional method to prepare this layer cake includes cream cheese, buttermilk. And other common ingredients are vanilla extract, vegetable oil, cocoa, and flour for the cake, red food or beetroot for the color.

Strawberry cake:

This is one of the most famous cake flavors of every person. So, whether you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, this cake will surely bring happiness on those special occasions. The bread of this cake contains strawberry flavor that brings tempt to this cake. With an amazing celebration, this cake will bring attraction and the occasion will become best.

Butter cake:

The main ingredient of this cake is butter. Ingredients such as butter, sugar, egg and flour and to give the bread a smooth and fluffy texture baking powder or baking soda is used. This cake is simple yet it never fails to attract any person so, bake it in your home or opt for the cake delivery. 

Pineapple cake:

Nothing matches the natural taste! A soft yellow cake prepared with the layered of whipped cream and topped with a juicy pineapple piece is a perfect treat to start the celebration. This ideal occasion cake can easily be prepared at home, but if you are lazy, you can order cake online.


A moist cheesecake is decorated with dry-fruits and filled with cream cheese frosting in every layer. This is a pleasant treat to cook for a birthday or anniversary, which has all the simple ingredients and only includes some easy steps to bake this delightful cheesecake with a cream cheese frosting.

Coffee cake:

This cake attracted people with its taste everywhere. If you taste this, you will also become one of them. This moist, buttery cake is baked with a layer of sweet cinnamon filling. The whole cake is decorated with a buttery, dry- fruits crumb and then drizzled with a sweet icing glaze. 

Coconut cake:

Adorn your occasion with the classic coconut cake! Baked with coconut yields and other commonly required ingredients, this a perfect infusion of delicious whipped cream and tempting chocolate cream! So, without any confusion, you can go with this cake right away! So surprise your loved ones and order cakes online in Delhi.

Chocolate truffle cake:

This chocolate cake is the perfect treat for everyone made from the molten chocolate from the inside and out. This cake is suitable to have on occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, etc.  So, opt for any of these special cakes for the next celebration and go ahead with these delightful cakes and amaze your dear ones.