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Top 10 Reviewing Websites in the World According to Authenticity

Top 10 Reviewing Websites in the World According to Authenticity

In the fast paced world of online shopping, be it services or product, it is important for people to grow trustworthy of the product before they actually go on to buy it. It is hard to get the clients trust as the online market is full of fakes and market places that are scams. Many product listings can be not what they seem, therefore people often do not trust such online products and need some reassurance. Buying online can often lead to scams, there are many cases, so much so that the “Online vs. Reality” Memes have taken over the internet. People even use this reference to compare two things that differ in quality. The Online version of the product always seems Ideal in the pictures but the reality when the product arrives is completely different.

Some famously meme cases are of the man that received a sequenced dress from amazon listed as a “Wife Beater” which in American English means a vest. Yes, the lovely man posted a picture in the dress and we have to say that the fit was brilliant. 

Another case was of a college student buying a chair off amazon for his dorm for 10$ without checking dimension and the chair was actually only 3 inches tall, making for a bad décor but a brilliant story and gift for little sister’s doll house. 

There are some ways to navigate through the online shopping experience and that is through review websites, if you check the review websites for the product or the company listing, you will find reviews from existing clients and their experiences will help you navigate the quality of the product.

Here are the top 10 Review websites:

Google Reviews 

Google is one of the biggest reviewing websites for services, it also provides millions of product reviews but business reviews are what stand out the most for people are they are easily recommended. People trust Google reviews as there is not a lot of change of finding fake reviews on Google, although some can be fake not all are. 

Review PLC

Review PLC is a fast growing Review service that provides reviews on the original website and the client website. They provide the businesses to showcase the unbiased reviews posted on the Review PLC site on the actual company site for increased trust in the brand. However, this is a gamble on your product quality and client satisfaction because “ALL” the reviews are displayed, good and bad. 

Facebook Reviews

Facebook has gone from a social media website to a booming place for businesses, it provides listings and pages for all companies and products. People alike to check individual Product reviews and the company reviews on Facebook in passing because they normally also buy the product through clicking on Facebook links. 


Manta is an online Review website that is extremely strict about the reviews, they check all the reviews before they are posted to make sure there is no bias is favour or against the company that can be reflected and to see if the person has a direct link to the client that can shadow the review.

Trust Pilot

Trustpilot maybe a very vastly used website for reviews, it works in a similar way to trust pilot but, the issue with trust pilot is that it is very biased towards the companies and has the worst reviews on google for a review website.


Yelp is a reviewing website for the services in the area, it provides you the best and worst rated restaurants, offices, services in an area and provide you with options that you can try according to the ratings and reviews. 


Amazon is not a complete independent review website because the reviews are under the shops own listing and although the reviews are unbiased and unchangeable, they are not completely detached from the product and company. However, Amazon does not change the reviews because they actually do aim at client satisfaction, even over worker rights. Makes you feel special right?


Yell is also a service reviewer; they provide reviews based on the same principle as yelp. The company lists many companies that Yelp misses and the two websites have many different businesses under their websites. 

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages is a review page that provides ratings and reviews on companies, the reviews based on businesses are more legitimate than the products and it is quite an underrated website, they have now changed their name to YP, instead of Yellow pages… Which stands for Yellow pages.

Trip Advisor

The Trip Advisor is a website that follows the route of Yelp and yell but is more popular amongst people who are visiting different areas, it provides a list of things to do, places to visit, things to eat for those who are visiting an area for the first time, based on the highest reviews and ratings.