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Top 12 Amazon Prime original movies to watch out this Winter Holiday!

Top 12 Amazon Prime original movies to watch out this Winter Holiday!

Apart from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is another online video platform that has started creating its original content to the delight of the Indian viewers and not to forget to dodge the Indian censorship rules. This trend has been immensely popular in India, and Amazon Prime has been successful in adding more subscribers to its platform. To watch those movies, a subscriber can rent or purchase them.

Now that there are a large number of original contents uploaded on its platform, Amazon Prime Video finds it hard to decide that which one should they watch. Although it’s hard to pick the best, still we have managed to list 12 best movies.

So, here we go:

  1. Chi-raq

A 2015 release, it happens to be Amazon Prime’s first original content in the movies category. Starring Nick Canon as Chi-raq (the gang leader) and Teyonah Pariss as Lysistrata (Chi-raq’s girlfriend). When a woman loses her child to gun violence – Lysistrata leads a women-only rally where they refuse to have sex with their men till peace prevails in the town.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who love crime-thriller
  • Who loves musical-crime movies.

2. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Directed by Kurt Kuenne, this original series is a documentary in his best friend’s memory who was killed by his ex-girlfriend, Shirley Turner. The convict later fled to another country where she gave birth to a boy named Zachery.  The director made this movie so that the child could get to know about his father through the people by whom he was loved or was associated with.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who love real-life based documentaries.
  • Those who like emotional dramas.
  • Those who like cinematic scrapbooks.

3. Children of Men

Co-written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón, the movie portrays the year 2027 where human infertility outbreak has taken place, and yet a woman (played by Julianne Moore) finds herself pregnant who has to be protected anyhow. Clive Owen stars as her protector who embarks on this mission due to some obligation.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who enjoy watching thriller of different genres.
  • Those who like dystopian movies.
  • Those who like religion and faith-based movies

4. Complete Unknown

Directed by Joshua Marston, this movie released in 2016. Starring Rachel Weisz, Kathy Bates, and Michael Shannon, this movie is about a woman who worked in different professions in different countries which are portrayed as alternate realities.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who love drama and mystery thrillers.
  • Those who like movies with bizarre plots.

5. Election

Starring Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick and directed by Alexander Payne, this movie shows high school elections and massive drama around it. Although a box-office failure, the film managed to get critical acclaim.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who love critical American dramas.
  • Those who enjoy watching dark comedies.

6. Manchester by the Sea

An Oscar-winning movie, this movie was well received due to its visual flourish. Starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams, this movie is about a person who is forced to return his hometown to take care of his nephew after his brother dies and how he deals with his past. The movie got two Oscars.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who love American dramas
  • Those who like human portrayals of different emotions.

7. Elvis & Nixon

This movie beautifully portrays the meeting that took place between the 50s and 60s rock and roll King Elvis Presley and the then American president Richard Nixon during the year 1970 in the White House. How Presley opposes Black Panthers, Hippie Movements, drug culture, etc. and tries to convince Mr. President to ban these – forms the crux of this movie.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who love period movies.
  • Those who love comedy dramas

8. Raging Bull

A film that fetched Robert de Niro the Best Award at Oscars, this movie talks about the violence in boxing. It features some of the best boxing sequences and lives viewers in awe. It also shows how too much aggression leaves your family petrified.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who love sports based movies.
  • Those who love autobiographical dramas.

9. China Town

This movie portrayed the year 1970s and was directed by Roman Polanski. Starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway, it has finely captured the tension between two eras, i.e. the 1940s and 1970s. It shows the clash between traditional thoughts and a period where sex, drugs & gang-based wars were on the rise.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who are a fan of 70s thrillers.
  • Those who like to watch crime, drug-themed movies.

10. Ghostbusters

Released in the year 1984, this movie stars Bill Murray, Harold Ramis among others and portrays horror comically. It shows a group of scientists who are out to chase and capture spirits who have kept New York and nearby areas terrified. Ivan Reitman has directed this movie in such a way that comedy overpowers the visuals.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who like horror comedies.
  • Those who enjoy comedy with thrill-packed with visual effects

11. Sophie’s Choice

A movie where famous actress Meryl Streep gave one of her most excellent performance, this movie is an adaption of the novel ‘All the President’s Men.’ This movie portrays a bond between a writer and a Polish lady played by Meryl Streep who loses her children before immigrating to the United States. It can easily be called a haunted movie that leaves you traumatized when you watch it.

Who Would love to Watch It:

  • Those who love novel based movies.
  • Those who enjoy movies that are known for in-depth portrayal of human emotions.
  • Those who are fans of Meryl Streep.

12. 3:10 to Yuma

This movie has the power packed performance by most excellent actors such as Christian Bale and Russel Crow. It shows how a violent rancher (played by Bale) agrees to take a dangerous criminal (played by Crow) to the prison train. He has to face the perilous challenges of dealing with a rival gang who are out to bail the criminal at any cost & how he overcomes it – forms the crux of the movie.

Who would love to watch it:

  • Those who love prison-dramas.
  • Those who are fans of Russel Crow and Christian Bale.