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Top 4 Pros & Cons of E-Learning Devices of Students

pros and cons of e-learning devices

E-learning devices have played a critical role in the educational field for the students. We are moving towards the digital world due to the advancements of technology and science in every field of life. E-learning has provided a way of learning methodology for students through electronic media. This method of learning skills and knowledge is considered as one of the most useful and significant forms of learning. In this article, we are going to discuss some potential pros of e-learning devices with some drawbacks.

E-learning devices have multiple advantages for the students, and some significant advantages of e-learning are as follows.

Helps Saving Cost

E-learning methodology has a significant impact on the overall cost of learning. In accordance with traditional learning institutes, students are needed to visit the institute every day with some time restrictions. However, students can learn through a digital medium without moving to any physical location, and it saves the cost of travel and accommodation expenses. E-learning devices not only helped the students to keep their loss but also helped the teachers to save cost and teach more students through electronic media.

Students can find the resources online uploaded by the teacher, and the same resources can be used for a more extended period of time. It saves the time and cost of teachers and students.

Study in Own Town

In the traditional world of education, students need to move to a new city or country because of lack of institutes providing the courses of the students’ interests. This situation causes the students to move to a new town for their education, and some students might not be able to afford that education. E-learning devices cut out all those issues related to unavailability of schooling.

Students can get the courses in their own city and town through electronic media from the best teachers of the World. This learning methodology does not need you to move to a new city for education purposes.

No Time Restrictions

As we follow, traditional educational institutes bound students to come and leave the institute at a specific time. Students need to spend a particular part of the day in the institute to take all the lectures. Through E-learning, students are not followed by any time restrictions because they get the resources online, and they can take those lectures or sessions through electronic media at any time of the day. Time restrictions are cut out in E-learning. Thus, E-learning is more reliable for students who are also working or doing many other things that can manage time efficiently and effectively.

Individual Pace of Learning

Students need to learn with an average speed of learning of the whole group of students. A teacher also required to cover the topic in a specific amount of time where some students might not be able to learn correctly. Through, students get the resources of the lectures, and they can learn at their own pace of learning without any pressure of time. In this way, students might take more time to learn a topic, but they can perform well and learn more effectively.

As there are some advantages, there are also many disadvantages of E-learning devices for the students. It depends on the students that they are being affected by the defects of e-learning devices more or they are enjoying the benefits of it. Students can choose the E-learning technology through the difference between the pros and cons of E-learning for them, and they can make important decisions for learning their skills and knowledge for building their career. Some significant e-learning drawbacks devices are described below.


In the E-learning method, there is no interaction of students with other students regarding education purposes or other activities. It causes the isolation to the students, and the students are only limited to themselves, and they are unable to create a group with other students. They are unable to discuss their ideas with each other to enhance their skills and ideas for better planning in the future. In this way of learning, students are more isolated, and they are not enjoying the friendly environment of the educational institutes that most students do.

Self Determination is required

In the traditional institutes, the students are always consulted with their teachers when they lack the motivation for their studies. In the E-learning way of education, students are needed to be self-determined and self-motivated because of no interaction between the teachers and students personally. Students cannot be guided by senior students or teachers in any education issue. Students need to focus on their studies without having any collaboration with the teachers. That is why students are required to be motivated at their own without having any counselling of teachers.

No Discipline

In the E-learning way of education, there is no disciplinary thing for the students. Students are not restricted with time or any other code of conduct. Discipline is essential for students to learn because discipline is needed for their professional career. The discipline is maintained in institutes but there is no check and balances on discipline and students cannot organize them in a proper way and it might be disadvantageous for the students in their profession where they need to follow the rules and restrictions of organization. E-learning can be hazardous for the students in disciplinary issues.

No Student-Teacher Interaction

There is no interaction between the students and teachers physically. E-learning devices provided many options for the interaction between the students and teachers like chat rooms and online webinars. However, students cannot meet the teacher in a proper where the student can ask the teachers for the consultancy that they could get in the traditional educational institutes. E-learning lacks the interaction between the students and teachers that can be disadvantageous for the students in their education and proper training. Student-teacher communication is essential, and E-learning cannot provide a suitable environment for an appropriate teacher student interaction.

In summary, we can conclude with a massive amount of benefits of using e-learning devices; fewer drawbacks also exist. However, with some effort and care by teachers, this kind of cons of using e-learning devices could be eliminated. You can also give your suggestions in this regard.