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Top 5 e-commerce platforms to start selling online

Top 5 e-commerce platforms to start selling online

Ecommerce has seen an enormous growth in the recent past. Businesses which have incorporated ecommerce activities into their marketing mix are making huge profits and those who refuse to do so are going out of business. This is because ecommerce is a win-win situation for buyers and sellers. As a customer, all you need to do is place an order from the vicinity of your home and the products will be delivered to your doorstep. On the other hand, sellers can easily engage with the clients and sell your products to anyone. 

There are numerous ecommerce platforms which you can use to launch an online store and start selling online. Below, we have discussed some of the finest ones which are rapidly increasing in popularity among the online business community. 


The first, and arguably the best platform is Shopify. This ecommerce platform offers a range of services to its users, ranging from online marketing to one-on-one interaction with customers and from shipping the products to receiving online payments. All these steps are made easy-to-use so that anyone with an average knowledge of computers, can run his online store. Shopify has recently acquired the services of Handshake which serves as a business to business ecommerce platform. So, businesses can cooperate with each other too, using Shopify, and even sell as wholesalers. This has opened a new horizon in the world of contemporary ecommerce business. 

Big commerce

A huge name in the realm of modern-day ecommerce business is Bigcommerce. It is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms. The main reason why it is gaining so much popularity with the business community is that it offers a large number of built in features and data tools which allow you to assess the gradual growth of your business. Using such a deep insight, which Bigcommerce promises you, your business can make progress in the quickest possible way.  


Started with selling books in the year 1994, Amazon has grown into the largest ecommerce platform as of today. Gradually it has started selling all sorts of other items, like clothing, electronics, furniture, music etc. Consequently, the flow of business on this platform has surged enormously; compelling all kinds of sellers into starting their stores on it. A great feature, which we personally like a lot, is Amazon Sales Rank which helps businesses improve their standing as well as visibility to their customers. This has definitely led to a healthy competition between the sellers. This has led to lower prices, high purchasing rates, and improved quality of the products. Amazon marketing is slightly different from a typical website marketing though. 


Woocommerce is another interesting addition to our list of top 5 ecommerce platforms. This WordPress plugin lets you enjoy hundreds of different themes. With this, you can customize the design of your website the way you desire. Moreover, it also offers numerous of its base products in the form of extensions, the majority of which are open source and ready to use. You simply need to install the plugins for these base extensions and add to user accessibility of your online business store. 


With responsive themes, custom design, unique logo, and an array of product categories. This ecommerce platform is another one which is highly recommended for small and big businesses alike. A majority of its features are embedded on its dashboard. It also provides you with an access to in house SEO which helps you market your products in a much better way. Lastly, this platform gives the option of an online integration with other ecommerce websites like eBay or Amazon. So, the magnitude of your business is bound to grow, if you are using Volusion as your ecommerce platform. 

These easy to use ecommerce platforms, along with a certain other, have made life easier for the online businesses. Now, you don’t need the services of an expert to run an online store if you wish to sell your products on the internet. You can have an easy access to any of these ecommerce platforms and with simple steps you can set up an online store for your business and start making profits worth millions.