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Top 5 Motivational Stories for Kids

Top 5 Motivational Stories for Kids

Motivation is very important in everyone’s life. It doesn’t matter how old we are, we need the motivation to do something in our life. I needed the motivation to reduce my weight. I needed the motivation to become a freelance content writer. Like adults, kids also need the motivation to achieve success in life. As a result, the kids are alive, energetic and happy. Motivation puts us into action.

Above all, giving the motivation to our kids through the stories is best. Kids can look into their lives. Here are some motivational stories for kids.

1. The lion king and the mouse

Once upon a time, there was a lion who was asleep. One day a little mouse started running up and down on him. As a result, the lion woke up and he put his paw on the mouse. Furthermore, he opened his jaws to swallow him in one go.

“Pardon Me Please!” pleaded the little mouse. “Forgive me!!!!. I will never repeat this mistake and I will never forget your kindness. In the future, I may be able to help you some other day.

The lion was touched by the idea of the mouse. Finally, he lifted his paw and let the mouse go.

After some days, two hunters saw the lion. First of all, they captured him and later tied him to a tree. After that hunters went to search for a wagon because they wanted to take him to the zoo.

At that moment only, the little mouse was passing by. On seeing the lion, he ran up to him and crunched away the ropes that bound him and finally the lion got free.

MORAL: A Small acts of kindness for the other will definitely give you a reward.

2. The hard-working Ant and the Lazy Grasshopper

It was a very hot summer day. In a garden, a Grasshopper was sitting on the leaves and relaxing. A grasshopper saw an Ant who was passing by him. An ant was dragging the seed larger than his size towards his nest.

“Why don’t you come and relax with me here,” asked the Grasshopper.

“I am trying to store the food for me for the winter,” said the Ant, “and I recommend that you also do the same.

“Winter is very far. Why worry about it?” said the Grasshopper. “I have got plenty of food for me.”

An Ant continued his work.

When winter came, the Grasshopper was dying of hunger, while Ant was relaxing.

Finally, the Grasshopper realised…

MORAL: Doing hard-work in the present will give you a bright future.

3. An Honest Woodcutter

Once in a small village, there lived a poor woodcutter. He used to cut the trees. One day he was cutting the wood on the bank of a small river. Suddenly his axe fell down into the river. The river was very deep. As a result, he could not take out his axe from the river. Due to which the woodcutter became very sad and he began to weep.

Seeing this the Mercury, the god of water suddenly appeared. Mercury asked, “Why are you weeping”. The woodcutter told the story. Mercury dived into the water and brought the golden axe. The woodcutter refused to take the axe. Similarly, Mercury again dived and brought a silver axe. The woodcutter did not take the silver axe. Finally, he brought an iron axe. The woodcutter took it gladly. Mercury was so pleased that he rewarded the woodcutter with both gold and silver axe too

MORAL:-Live a life of honesty and you will be rewarded.

4. The Boy and the Wolf.

In a small village, there lived a shepherd boy. He was bored watching his flock of sheep on the hill. To entertain himself, he shouted, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help! The sheep are being chased by the wolf!” As a result, the villagers came running to help the boy and the sheep. The boy laughed looking at their angry faces. Finally, they angrily left.

The naughty boy did the same thing again and then laughed loudly in-front of them. After a while, the boy saw a real wolf and shouted loudly, “Wolf! Please help! help!”

But this time, none of them came to help him. By evening, when the boy didn’t return home, the villagers went up the hill to find him. The boy was sitting on the hill and crying “Why didn’t you come when I called out for help? “he asked angrily. “The flock is almost scattered now”, he said.

An old villager came to him and said, “People won’t believe liars even when they tell the truth.

MORAL: Always speak the truth no matter what.

5. The Greedy King

Thousands of years ago, there was a king named Midas. He was so rich that he had almost everything he needed. He also had a beautiful daughter. Midas used to love gold but above all, he used to love his daughter.

One day, a satyr(woodland gods) named Silenus was drunk and was passing by the Midas’ rose garden. Midas used to believe that Satyrs bring good luck. Finally, Midas took Silenus to his palace to rest. Silenus is a friend of Dionysus who is the god of wine and celebration. When he came to know about Midas’ kindness towards his friend, Dionysus decides to reward the king.

Dionysus asked him to wish. Midas said, “I wish everything I touch turns to gold”. Finally, his wish was accepted.

As a result, Midas started touching random things his palace and turned them all into gold.

Midas was so happy that he went and hugged his daughter. Midas turned her into a golden statue! He begged the god Dionysus to take away his power and save his daughter. Dionysus gives Midas a solution to change everything back normal. Midas learned his lesson

MORAL: Be happy with what you have. Don’t be greedy!!!