Top 5 Steakhouse in the UK

Top 5 Steakhouse in the UK

The most heavenly thing on this planet is a perfectly sliced and juicy steak. No matter how hard we go on our dieting. Steak is something we can’t just ignore. The holy flavors of steak come into play as soon as it touches the tip of our tongue. However, cooking a delicious steak is a work of art; not everyone has the required skills. We bring you the five best steakhouses in the UK. These restaurants are a league apart when it comes to serving just the most amazing steak in the UK.

Prime at the Edith Cavell

Prime is a 5-minute walk away from the Norwich cathedral. The relaxing interior sets just the right mood to enjoy a delicious steak. The steak was served on a hot stone on the table itself to cook the steak perfectly. Apart from that, Prime offers grilled seafood. The bar situated on the lower ground floor has a wide range of wines and beers to deliver alongside a selection of light snacks.


omnino is all about the art of grilling. It is a heavenly experience to have your favorite steak at omnino. The freshly sourced meat is given the touch of perfection. Omnino strives for perfection in the taste, presentation. How does omnino bring perfection to your plate? By putting the best ingredients together. These ingredients are sourced from South American suppliers of the finest meat available in the market.

Goodman Mayfair

The steak comes from the UK, Nebraska, Italy. The steak is aged perfectly in dehumidified and perfect temperature-controlled rooms. The exclusively imported charcoal is used for cooking the ideal smoky steak with the juiciest flavors. Cooked to the core. The interior is cosy; walls have the dark wooden paneling with low hanging ceiling lamps. If you are looking for the perfect steaks and excellent wines, Goodman will be your savior. 

Locale (Blackheath) 

The beef served at locale is freshly sourced from the British isles. It is hand-cut by chefs and smoked perfectly on a josper charcoal grill. The locale is a beautifully crafted place for indoor dining. A private dining option is also available with There is also a happy hour open. Locale provides diners with an exceptional steak experience by bringing in new flavors regularly. The locale also features a stylish interior and a glamorous cocktail bar.

Miller and carter 

Specially cut by the master chef, The steak at miller and carter are tender and delectable. They pay real attention to the small details of the plates served. The quality and style of steaks served at miller and carter are exceptional. The menu has a wide range of items, from building your burgers to a tasty and fresh salad. Mouthwatering seafood little extras to complement your steaks. 

This elegant steak house offers award-winning west country steaks. 

We are sure, and you’re already drooling. The fresh, perfectly sliced, tender, and juiciest steaks from all over the UK are awaiting you. Why wait a minute more? Book a table right now at the best steakhouse near you.