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Top fitness smartwatches to support your health goals

Top fitness smartwatches to support your health goals

Fitness has been an activity of concern for eons. Since the days of our great great grandparents, fitness has been a means of survival. From farming to hunting, fitness wasn’t just a conscious activity to keep fit; instead, it was a lifestyle. 

Nowadays, fitness has taken a positive turn since the obesity epidemic, and many are growing conscious of the dangerous effects of being inactive. 

So, with that being said, here are a few top fitness smartwatches to help you with your fitness goals. 

  1. SoundPEATS Smartwatch 12     

We start the list with the SoundPEATS Smartwatch 12. This smartwatch is mainly for beginners who have no experience with such wearables. You won’t need high-end counterparts to this brand as it provides plenty of multifunctional properties for your fitness, some of which include; sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, and a pedometer. 

An added function of this smartwatch is that it provides you notifications without having to check your phone. 

2.     Apple watch series 7 

The next smartwatch is the Apple watch series 7. Despite being expensive, this smartwatch is perfect for anyone who wants to track their fitness and use an iPhone. 

Apple has increased this watch’s size by over 20% and also is dust and water-resistant. The excellent part about this watch is that all your fitness activities are directly related to your iPhone through the watch. 

This watch uses activity rings to do so; it also shows you what activity you were doing, may it be cycling, running, lifting, or just walking around the house. 

3.     Samsung galaxy watch 4

Smartwatch Samsung galaxy watch 4  is perfect for Android users, this smartwatch allows you to track your fitness while performing daily tasks. These tasks include; replying to notifications, controlling home devices, and checking maps. If you work out with your buddies, then this is even more perfect as you can all sync your activity progress and track each-others activities and motivate them using the live message board. 

This is a flagship smartwatch that has a simple yet elegant build. The excellent part about the watch is its BioActive sensor that measures your body composition and gives you an approx estimate of your body fat percentage. 

4.     Fitbit charge 4

This Smartwatch is mostly for people who like to keep it simple and track their heart rate, sleep, and daily steps while performing tasks rather than using another app. 

The Fitbit records all of your activities seamlessly and accurately. The Fitbit app on your phone refreshes automatically and gives you comparative data charts for weeks. 

All of the fitness data appears on the Active Zone Minutes, which takes into account your personal health. 

5.    Xiaomi band five smart fitness bracelet

 The last smartwatch on the list is the Xiaomi band five smart fitness bracelet. If you’re in store for an effective fitness tracking watch that fits your budget, then this is the perfect match for you. This watch has around 11 fitness modes such as; walking, swimming, yoga, etc.  

The admirable part about this device is that it can record heart rate even when you are sleeping. It also tracks naps and REM sleep in addition to deep and light sleep. 

The most special feature of this device is the PAI metric, which is a metric developed by Xiaomi. The PAI gives you a fitness goal and number based on your heart rate throughout the day. 


And that was it; those were some of the top fitness smartwatches in the market to track your fitness activities and keep a tab on your well-being. From beginners to athletes, anyone is capable of using such devices for their health. 
Especially in the recent wake of the global health crisis in relation to not enough activity and an abundance of fast food consumption, many are choosing to right the reward system of their brain by distracting themselves from such desires and taking time out of their lives to get a little healthy every day. Like escape rooms, everyone needs an escape from desires that can be burdensome.