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Top Music Festivals of Thailand which You Shouldn’t Miss on your Honeymoon

Top Music Festivals of Thailand which You Shouldn’t Miss on your Honeymoon

The great festive vibes make Thailand a must-visit destination for party lovers. In Thailand, you can experience mirth and gaiety every day! This country remains flocked with tourists who just want to enjoy each day of their lives to the fullest. 

So, if you are a fun-loving person, then Thailand is the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Here, you can get the right blend of the party atmosphere and romantic vibes, and we think that is all you need for an exceptional honeymoon trip. 

Today, we are going to talk about the top music festivals in Thailand; which you must attend on your honeymoon in Thailand. If you are a music lover, then you must have attended a few music concerts in the past. 

Well, music festivals in Thailand are ten times more happening than all those concerts! You don’t believe us? Read about these, and you will surely understand what we mean! 

Songkran Music Festival: 

Songkran is one of the most famous music festivals in Thailand; which is celebrated every year on the Thai New Year. This event is conducted in every city of Thailand during the month of April as this is the month of Thai Lunar New Year. 

You can become part of its festivities in any city, but the main event is named S20; which you can attend in the main cities like Bangkok. This is a musical water party in which thousands of people dance on the musical beats with a splash of water. 

World’s most popular DJs like DJ Snake, Tujamo, Tchami, Ookay etc. play music in this festival. If you want to see the madness of Thailand, then you need to attend this festival for sure. 

Location: Live Park, Bangkok.

Date: April, 2020.


If you love the combination of music and water, then you must attend Waterzonic Music Festival with your spouse. This festival is a little bit similar to the first one, but the amazing fireworks that never let the sky be dull for a minute make it different. 

The wild party vibes will surely take over you two as you will dance to the beats of world-famous DJs such as Dmitri Vegas, Like Mike, Orjan Nilsen and Afrojack! This is a grand event with lots of decorations, huge stage and thousands of music lovers. 

Location: Bangkok

Date: 4-5 October 2019

Wonderfruit Festival: 

Wonderfruit is a unique yet buzzing cultural festival of Thailand that offers much more than just music. Yes, this is a four-day event in which you can attend music concerts, see great art and craft, savour delicious Thai food and take part in many workshops. All in all, this event is meant for art lovers. 

However, the party vibes of Wonderfruit festival is no less than any other music festival in Thailand. You can also meet tourists from various countries, expats and locals here. The prime objective of this festival is to promote sustainable living. So, if you also believe in sustaining nature, then you should attend this festival on your honeymoon in Thailand. 

Location: Siam Fields, Pattaya.

Date: 12-16 December 2019

  1. Warp Music Festival: 

Wrap Music Festival is Thailand’s first beach music festival ever. The most famous party city of Thailand – Pattaya hosts this EDM music festival. It means that this is one of the most happening music festivals in Thailand; which you shouldn’t miss at all! 

The electrifying EMD music makes it a totally buzzing event. You can drink, dance or cheer up loud with your spouse while attending Warp Music Festival. Apart from EDM, you will also experience some epic techno pumping in this event. 

Location: Jomtien Beach, Pattaya.

Date: May 2020

  1. Maya Music Festival: 

Maya Music Festival is one of the ultimate music festivals in Thailand. Most of the people know about this famous festival. The blend of elements from traditional Thai culture and modern music make this festival unique. This combination forms a Neo-modern musical phenomenon for the world.

The set-up of this music festival is quite artistic as you can see the motifs in the display which are taken from the local culture of Thailand. For example, you can see the iconic image of a huge monkey in the backdrop of the two main stages. So, this music festival will also teach you a lot about the culture of Thailand. 

Location: Oasis Arena, Rama9, Bangkok.

Date: December 2019

  1. Mystic Valley Festival: 

Mystic Valley Festival is quite a new one, but it has hosted some super-exceptional sessions in the last two-three years. If you love the various types of music, not just EDM, then this music festival is surely meant for you! 

This music festival goes on for multiple days, and it also provides camping facility as well as food trucks so that the music lovers can stay at the venue every time! In this grand festival, there are eight different stages for distinct music genres like EDM, Techno, Trap, Trance, RnB, Disco etc. You can also enjoy a wonderful pool party and light shows during this festival. 

Location: Mountain Creek Resort, Khao Yai.

Date: February 2020

  1. Transmission Festival: 

First started in Prague, Transmission Festival is doing events in various countries, including Thailand. This is the best festival for Trance music lovers as it is considered one of the biggest trance music festivals in entire Asia. 

Get ready to submerge in a huge crowd of music enthusiast and enjoy the trippy lights, vibrant lasers and loud trance beats. The top DJs like Aly and Fila, Thrillseekers, Markus Schulz, and Ben Nicky are usually involved in this music festival! 

Location: BITEC Bangkok.

Date: Around March 2020.

So, become a part of any of the above-given music festivals to electrify your Thailand honeymoon trip. Party like maniacs because you will rarely get such party atmosphere back in your hometown. So, just leave all your worries behind and indulge in never-ending fun in Thailand!