Top ten ways to spot Scam Electricians in Edinburgh

Top ten ways to spot Scam Electricians in Edinburgh

The Electrical business is booming and many scammers want to take a piece of the meat that is being served to the professionals for their expertise in keeping a home safe. Many of the scammers have some knowledge and can pretend to know what they are doing, while others know nothing. However, the worst kind is that which is a true electrician in Edinburgh but uses wrong methods to make money from their clients after defrauding them.

Here are ten ways to spot any of these three types of scammers:

Registered Company

If an electrical company is not registered, it is a big red sign to not use them; of course, as they are not an actual legal operating body that cannot be held accountable if they leave and you realize afterwards that something is wrong. You can check to see the registration of a company through the website. 

Working Permit

The Working Permit or licence to work in the electrical field is important, unless the electrician is under a course that they can finish while working. However, it is good to check the regulations in your area as each county has their own rules. It is important to have a little bit of knowledge in the department. 

Experience and proof

According to Edinburgh Décor, a company in Edinburgh, you need to ask the company for the proof of previous experience. Not only the work the company has done but also the electrician that you will be working with, it is important to know what type of services he has provided and if there is any proof of experience.

Reviews and Ratings

The Reviews and Ratings are all important for the clients to go through before they pick one Electrician in Edinburgh. While you are at it, it is also best to see if the address the company is registered at is also local and not international.  


Insurance for electrical or any contractor companies is extremely important, any company that provides physical labour services via the use of workers or in general, needs to have liability insurance, worker liability, professional liability and company liability. 

Evasive and jittery

The Company will be evasive in question if they are the first two types of the scammers. If they don’t know a lot, they will provide you with false info or information that is nor complete. They will also come off as nervous and evasive of questions. 


People who actually know some aspects will be manipulative in other ways, being friendly and then pressuring you in a friendly manner into signing a contract without reading or luring you into a trap. Call it a “Honey Trap”.

Snap tactics

Snap Tactics are the similar tactics to get people to sign contracts, many fraud electrician in Edinburgh use this tactic to make you sign by saying that they have limited time and they are giving you a limited time offer.