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Top tips for looking after car tyres the best possible way

Top tips for looking after car tyres the best possible way

Car tyres play a key role in safe and smooth drive and efficient working of the car and it is both illegal and dangerous to drive around with non-roadworthy tyres. The easiest way to get maximum mileage and enhanced performance from car tyres is by taking good care of them and inspecting them on regular basis for proper inflation, even tread wear and damage. All this helps to determine the tyre condition and seek the best assistance in case of any problem.

Here are some tips for taking best care of car tyre for longer usage and improved performance. 

Proper inflation pressure

Inflation pressure is important as it helps to maintain optimal tyre pressure, car safety and fuel economy. It is essential to check the tyre inflation pressure at least once a month with an accurate pressure gauge that gives correct reading. The right time to check inflation pressure is when the tyres are cool and the vehicle has not been in motion for some time.

c In most of the cases, under inflation has been reported as the leading cause of tyre damage that results in expensive outcomes like replacement and uncomfortable driving experience and vehicle vibration. So you need to be very careful about this even if you have bought the new or used car tyre in Oman.

Regular tyre repair

With continuous use and passage of time, even the best quality tyres face wear and tear which can affect the quality of drive and vehicle performance. Proper repair is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and must be taken seriously. Car owners must keep their eyes open and check out the tyres occasionally to detect any wear and tear the tyres needs and repair them to ensure safe and smooth drive and avoid any mishaps on the road.  

Visiting professional tyre repair shop is also a good option because the trained and experienced technician will take a good look at the tyres and determine how well they are doing and what type of repair is needed to increase their lifespan. 

Tyre rotation 

Experts recommend rotating tyres from one position to another to ensure even wear and tear. Front tyres carry more car weight and are known to wear out much sooner than rear ones so rotating the tyres from back to front and front to back can extend their life and get full value for money.  Vehicle manufacturers have their own recommendations but on average, tyres should be rotated after every 8,000 to 10,000 km.

The four common types of tyre rotation are cross rotation, straight rotation, 5 tyre rotation and 4-wheel drive that aim to help car owners make the most of their valuable purchase and make them last long and offer maximum life. Tyres are meant to provide thousands of miles of excellent and safe drive but for maximum benefits, tyres must be maintained and repaired properly to avoid early damage and replacement.