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Treating Chronic Lower Back Pain with Physiotherapy

Treating Chronic Lower Back Pain with Physiotherapy

Many of us visit a physiotherapist because of back pain issues. Chronic back pains are quite common these days. When you visit a physiotherapist, he or she does a proper diagnosis or asks a series of questions related to the origin of pain, how severe it is. You might be asked to rate your pain on the scale of zero to ten. How is your movement post you have encountered the pain? The problem arises with back pain is the posture of the person. If a person is sleeping in an uncomfortable position for a very long frame of time then they can have this complaint of lower back pain. Lifting heavy weights, rigorous workout, lying in incorrect positions might affect our lower back. 

  If these pains are ignored for a long time they may cause a problem in the long run. Pain halts our lifestyle. To resume to again or minimise the effect of any pain, it is mandatory to visit a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy,no doubt about it, helps to release the pain and stiffness in the joints. They help to increase mobility. Not only does it reduce the pain but also regular physiotherapy can help to minimise the effect of the pain a person encounters in future or even helps to minus the chances of getting your back pain hurt.

 Back pain is something that needs our attention. A chronic back pain is something that lasts for about more than twelve weeks. When an acute lower back pain lasts for more than four months, it results in chronic back pain.

If you have a back pain that is troubling you for a long time then neglecting it is a big mistake. Consulting a physiotherapist is the best choice one can make, they will get hold of the problem and will help to eliminate the issue from the root. If you don’t find any improvement after a few days of pain then it is necessary to see a physiotherapist. There are many kinds of back pain and physiotherapy is beneficial to heal all these kinds of pain. 

Types of Pain:

Non-specific lower back pain – this is a kind of pain where the cause behind the pain is unknown so it is known as non specific lower back pain.

Sciatic pain – this kind of pain arises from your back and reaches down your legs. The major reason for this kind of pain is prolapsed disc. A prolapsed disc is when a disc in your spine becomes deformed then puts pressure on your nerves. 

At times, back pain is caused by aging of the discs.

Spinal stenosis – this happens when spaces around the spinal cord enlarges, putting pressure on the spinal cord.

Passive physical therapy- 

Physiotherapists perform hand on exercises to treat the patients. Passive physical therapy such as applications of ice packs, electrical stimulation and heat applications are applied to the patient.

To survive with back pain is dangerous. Some people try to find home remedies but end up with no positive results. 

Physiotherapy for back pain requires knowledge and practice that requires proper enlightenment regarding the problem and training to serve the patients in the best possible way. An experienced physiotherapist reaches the root of the problem as quickly as possible and helps in the quick recovery of the patients. Physiotherapy Centre in gomti nagar, Lucknow have skilled physiotherapists that have top qualifications. They take a patient-centric approach and create a customised treatment program tailored according to your needs to confront your symptoms. Patients are treated using manual therapy as well. 

Manual Therapy-

If appropriate, manual therapy is done to improve a frozen joint that is not able to move, through manual therapy movement is initiated. This process targets to help initiate the halted movement in your body in the easiest way possible . This process is especially beneficial for improving motion in the body. 

Acupuncture is a technique in which very fine needles are used ( they are as thin as a hair) and those needles are inserted to stimulate fibres deep in the muscles of the lower back. This technique dates back to centuries that helps reduce pain. Intramuscular stimulation (IMS), like acupuncture, encourages blood circulation and improves the communication of nerves in the area that got affected.

Pain weakens our body to gain back the lost strength, physiotherapy is recommended. Under the supervision and guidance of experienced physiotherapists, certain exercises zero in to improve  core strength are helpful in alleviating chronic back pain. This process can seem daunting, if the pain is fairly recent. A physiotherapist provides services at the clinic or you can also leverage the services at the comfort of your home as well. 

Physiotherapists, after diagnosing your flexibility, range of motion, and reasons for symptoms that surface up, will customise an exercise program designed to serve you in the best possible way to strengthen your core muscle, improvise stability and help to attain good posture.