Faizabad in U.P. Will Be Known As Ayodhya – Yogi Adityanath


img src: thehindu.com

Yogi Adityanath, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has announced today in a Diwali festival speech that Faizabad district in U.P. will be renamed as Ayodhya. Adityanath announced that his Uttar Pradesh government will change the name of Faizabad district to Ayodhya.

He said, “Ayodhyahamari aan baan shaan ka prateek haiAyodhya ki pehchan Bhagwan Ram se hai.

U.P. CM has also announced a new medical college that would be named after Lord Ram’s father, Dashratha. Also, an airport in Ayodhya will be named after Lord Rama.



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