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Types of Security and Security guards in UK

Types of Security and Security guards in UK

Security issues are normal for every country, including the United Kingdom, every fluctuating economy sees its fair share of crime and the moronic idea of Bruit has just created more crime issues as people are becoming unsettled. The security measures are being taken into account by the civilians themselves as the police is stretched tight and hate crimes are rising. People have started to hire guards and security for their homes and businesses. 

The use of a security guard has become common and people in different areas of UK are using different services to ensure safety. If you are someone that wants to add the extra layer of comforting security, it is best that you understand that all guards are not same, each one has different speciality and is different. 

Body Guards

This is the type of security detail that is required by people who face some sort of danger. This can be hate crime, money crime or other issues, the guards are normally there to keep a check on the situation so that you can relax. This is also a service required by people who have stalkers that they are afraid of. According to Red Dragon Group, often times police cannot do much in stalking cases if the stalker is smart and is using morbid methods that cannot be counted as illegal and if the stalker is not known. These are the people that require security services most often. 


Many Security companies provide bars and pubs with the bouncers that help keep the bad customers out and help get the drunk ones’ out. They also check to see if the people going into the club or pub are of age and have a valid ID.

Concierge / Entry Guard

The person at the entry that checks the list or checks the company ID of the people coming into the building. They maintain a registry and keep a check on everyone that passes through. This is normally for offices and the residential buildings with strict security.

Event Security

The Event security guards help maintain a secure environment for any event, from weddings to product launches, they maintain a secure premise to help keep the event in check. The security guards make sure that no one is a threat and their weapon at the location.

Security Patrol

Security Patrol is normally hired by the whole area as the whole; they patrol the street and make sure that there is no threat in the area. They are a threatening measure against robbers and thieves and help the streets become safer.