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Various Insurance Options Available under Car Insurance in the UAE

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Whether you have to drive your car in the UAE occasionally or regularly to go to the office, you have to get a suitable car insurance policy there. Positively, there are wide varieties of options related to car insurance in Dubai UAE. 

Starting from the basic one i.e. liability only insurance policy to varieties of comprehensive plans, a single rule is applicable i.e. get the benefit, for which you make payment. However, if you choose for a mid-range policy, you may add a few of the optional benefits to the majority of your motor insurance plans even at the fixed cost. 

In this blog post, you will get information about the available insurance options provided by UAE car insurance providing companies. 

Roadside Assistance Benefit 

As the name itself, the roadside assistance option provides the vehicle recovery facility in case of an accident or a breakdown. The additional price associated with roadside benefit ranges between AED 30 and AED 40 as compared to the regular premium amount you pay. However, paying a bit extra for anything makes sense, as it avoids you ending up costing approximately hundreds of Dirhams otherwise. 

Car Rental or Car Hire Benefit 

Car rental or car hire is one of the frequently available optional insurance benefits in any area of the UAE. Accordingly, the insurer will cover the vehicle rental cost, while the coverage amount and its duration depend primarily on your considered policy. 

The benefit associated with car hire is available at a fixed cost and it ranges between AED 150 and AED 450. A few of the insurers also allow you to select the car rental duration from only 5days to more than 2weeks period. Indeed, the cost, in this case, varies largely in accordance with the duration of years. 

Personal Accidental Coverage 

There are two different types of benefits available under personal accidental coverage associated with car insurance in Dubai UAE. These are personal accidental coverage for drivers and personal accidental coverage for passengers. This type of insurance coverage covers a driver or passenger in the case of an accident to a specific amount. 

The price associated with personal accident coverage may start from AED 60 to more than AED 120. A few of the car insurance companies in the United Arab Emirates let you specify the exact numbers of passengers willing to cover at the rate of only AED 30 for a single passenger. 

Windscreen Coverage 

Even though this is not a common option, a few of the companies offering car insurance in the UAE provide cover. This type of insurance benefits you in case the window or windshield of your car suffers any damage. The premium for this type of insurance is only AED 10. Indeed, it is a valuable considerable option, as eventually someone or something may accidentally damage your windows or windshield. 

Dent Repair Coverage 

Dent repair insurance coverage is also rarely available in the United Arab Emirates. However, it also has its own significance. Dent repair insurance makes payment to cover the removal of the paint-less dent for your cars or any other vehicle. 

Geographica Level Coverage 

Most of the car insurance providers in the UAE cover Oman and UAE regions according to their standard plans. Also, a few of the insurers also provide GCC wide coverage as an excellent option. However, this type of insurance tends to become costly i.e. range across AED 500.