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Water sports you must indulge in Andaman

Water sports you must indulge in Andaman

The Andaman archipelago with its bountiful beauty is a paradise for water lovers. In the middle of the Bay of Bengal, this group of islands has a pristine presence with white sand beaches, clear blue waters and an unruly romantic feel that it almost feels like a natural wonder on earth. The myriad presence of the vivid landscapes, jungles, and beaches of these islands invite the adventure and nature lovers to soak into its beauty in utter pleasure.

Over the years Andaman has become an adventure destination with people traveling to Andaman for their love for water sports. As you take a break from your busy city life, the islands here give you a plethora of options to splash the water waves and connect with the marine life. Swimmer or no swimmer – you are bound to myriad experiences and fun time at the beaches!

Scuba Diving

Andaman Tourism is not only popular for scuba diving but also for training site for PADI to certify and train the new scuba divers in India. The rich marine life, coral reefs, sea turtles, enchanting blue water and array of fish floating in the water is an exclusive site to behold underwater. It is the stunning locale and the clear water that allows the tourists to dive underwater and watch the clear marine life and connect to the sea animals. One can join the PADI members to learn scuba diving and get certified too.


Snorkeling has been gaining momentum in India ever since the shimmery water of Havelock Islands made it possible for snorkelers to look into the marine life even for the non-swimmers. As you wear goggles and start floating on the water, the colorful marine life becomes more prominent with its bright and color Octopus’s garden, turtle homes, coral reefs and more. The rarest of coral reefs here are so close to the surface that one can have a closer view of these and ideate on the tranquility of the surreal presence. At Andamans’, snorkeling is available at the Havelock Islands, North Bay Island and more.


Parasailing is an adventure sport that lets you fly over the water bodies with routine splashes every now and then. A parachute is harnessed with a motorboat and as the motorboat starts floating on water, the parachute flies like a kite in the sky, letting you feel the thrill of flying over the sea. The speed is lowered often to feel the splashes of water too. To truly savor the beauty of this sport, the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is a superb destination with talented trainers and parasailing experts to guide you through the process. When in Andaman, parasailing ride almost becomes a necessity.

Walking under the sea

Scuba diving and snorkeling are cool, but have you imagined yourself walking under the surface of the water just like you do on land? This exclusive adventure comes to life in Andaman as undersea walking is one of the most popular water experiences here. With swimwear on, a helmet and oxygen aids are provided for you to breathe inside the water and keep walking as and where you like. The helmet protects and lets you have a closer view of the tiniest of things inside the sea. Without any hassle or hardcore equipment, you can walk beneath the water and savor the marine life for quite a while. At the Elephant Beach, this mighty walk is almost a non-negotiable!

Banana boat ride

Just like in Goa, for a group of friends group traveling together, a banana boat is both exciting and joyous. Almost 5-6 people can sit on the banana-shaped boat that is connected with a speedboat to take you to the middle of the sea. And as the sea approaches the banana is turned around for the people to float freely on the sea. While the life jacket keeps you safe, the sound of unruly sea waves keeps you thrilled. At Andaman unleash this experience in clear blue water with no land near. The banana boat rides at Havelock Island are next level.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is a thrilling experience with Andaman as you glide through the vast waves in full speed on a Jet Ski. The light-duty Jet Ski glides smoothly on the waves and jumps at a certain height to give you just the right bumpy watery ride that you need. It’s a power adventure for the bike and scooter riders to experience riding in the waves.


Andaman has a lot of caves and streams of calm sea water too. As you head to Havelock island and surpass the natural rock formations, the stillness of the sea makes way for kayaking. Sit on the single boats and start peddling the kayak to unfold the hidden places and float on the water freely. Sail through the jungle, isolated lands and tunnels of the islands to connect back to nature. Kayaking gives you a glimpse of the natural world when you are all on your own!

Glass bottom Boating

Glass bottom boats with their underground view from the boat have got quite popular in Andaman. One can lounge safely on the boat while viewing the grandeur of the marine life from the boat alone. The see-through glasses make you spot a lot of sea fishes and turtles with routine glimpses of the coral reefs too. At the North Bay Coral Island, Port Blair, and Jolly Buoy Island – it’s one of the excruciating rides to undertake when floating from one island to another.

Angling or Sportfishing

While being lounged in a luxury yacht, spend an afternoon with your fishing rod to spot and catch fish on the go. This trip takes you through some of the popular places on the sea which are known for their fish vegetation. Without getting drenched, angling allows you to fish from a distance and enjoy spotting the herds of fish in the sea.

Andaman is the hub of water sports in India. From seaplanes, swimming, to boat riding and diving – the archipelago promises you a fun-filled marine life experience on your holiday!