Ways to Fix the Water Leakage

Ways to Fix the Water Leakage

Maybe in the middle of the night, you might hear the unmistakable drip, drip of a leak. A broken pipe is a big problem for every house owner. This water leakage can damage your house if they’re left untreated. A leaking pipe can go unnoticed for weeks but sometimes leaking becomes annoyance around the house.

Constant water running out of a pipe can damage costly and result in an expensive repair. If you get a sign of leakage don’t delay it call for a plumbing service.

Leaking occurs during or after rainfall. It may take some time for water to appear but if you have notice water dripping from your ceiling or a sign of water damage on the drywall it’s mean there’s a leakage of water, don’t take it lightly repair it as it may cause of structural damage.

There’re many companies to solve these problems for you but sometimes there’s a situation you can’t hire a plumber like if in the middle of the night, you came to know there’s leakage you can do some temporary fixes to stop this leakage while you wait for the plumber.

Before starting fixing, turn off the water supply so that your pipes don’t leak while you working on it!

Different methods you can do to fix your leakage:


Shutoff Water supply to your home: turn off the water supply to your home so that leak stop and can’t do any more damage. Or call your water supply company that they stop water going to your home. If the leak is only in the drainpipe, you don’t need to shut down the water supply.

Turn on the Faucets: turn on the faucets connected to your pipe if the leak in the pipe then drains the faucets, let the water run out until the pipe is empty.

Dry the Pipe: put a bucket under the pipe so that the water coming from the pipe store in it then dry the area where leakage occurs that it won’t be slippery anymore while you’re working on it.


Put on Gloves: use gloves while working with epoxy putty as epoxy heats up and it could be the reason for the pain that’s why make sure your gloves are thin enough that you can’t feel its heat.

Mix Epoxy with Hands: after putting it out of the tube squeeze it with your fingers. When it turns into a light grey stop squeezing it.

Now it’s ready to be applied to the leakage area!

Apply it on leakage area: wrap this epoxy putty around the leakage area of the pipe. Make sure that putty forms a thick layer around the pipe so it holds in place also wraps a tape around the edges of putty so it makes a watertight seal.

Leave it for 5-10 Minutes: once you have applied the epoxy on the pipe, leave it for at least 5 to 10 minutes before turn on the water supply so that it sets and becomes solid. Once it sets, turn your water back.

But remember it’s for temporary fix calling a skilled plumber is necessary!


Buy a Pipe Clamps: pipe camps are used to tight seal a small leak on your pipe. Put some clamps in your houses so when there is a leak you can apply these to tight seal the leakage temporary.

Fit it Around the Pipe: Fit these clamps around the pipe, turn the nuts using a wrench to secure it. It’ll tight seal the leakage and can get rid of water leakage. But also call a professional plumber so if needs any fixing.

There are a number of pipes in a house and when there’s a leakage you have to check all of them to find the problem. But the professional plumber can get the problem earlier because of experience. So calling a plumber is good and compulsory to your house.