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Ways to include Wikipedia as a marketing tool for your business


Wikipedia is one of the top most leading sites, online. It ranks 8th amongest many other sites that are visited by millions in a single day. You can look up information concerning all topics, from potatoes to history, people and science. Gives you one more reason to use a Wikipedia page for your benefit, if every information is available on there; then why not include yourself in it as well?

A Wikipedia about your business is going to prove as a successful marketing tool, since online platforms are accessible to all and cater a large population present on it. And what’s better than a site that is an encyclopedia, has credible information and is used very often. However, creating a Wikipedia page and then maintaining it isn’t an easy process; it requires a lot of time and dedication.

For businesses to create themselves a Wikipedia page, they require to fall under the notability criteria to be able to create a Wikipedia for themselves. Even if your business is doing exceptionally well, collaborating with well renounced brands and industries; without a source or media coverage your business will not be able to fall under the notability criteria.

Wikipedia as a platform is known to be extremely volatile, a single wrong move can cause a complete domino effect. Therefore here are some tips and assimilate Wikipedia for your business;

The Dos of Wikipedia

  • Plan out beforehand: Prior to adding content on Wikipedia, familiarize yourself with the rules. Wikipedia has strict guidelines that are supposed to be followed in manner to publish content on there; keeping in mind that not all guidelines are clear some of them can be vague.
  • Use a template for corrections: If there is something within your content that can be corrected then you can edit it by using a template to process the content for fixes.
  • Contact an expert: In case you feel like it’ll be a hard process for you to create a Wikipedia page then its best to opt for Wikipedia writing services. It is required to have adequate knowledge on optimization, since Wikipedia is one of the most peculiar sites when it comes to allowing content.

The Don’ts of Wikipedia

  • Using promotional tone: Wikipedia follows a neutral unbiased tone that has been based on facts entirely. Anything that violates guidelines is taken down. Wikipedia editors are proactive when it comes to dealing with content that does not follow guidelines. Therefore don’t take any steps that might put your content at a bad place, since there is not exemption for it.
  • Reinstating your content: It is best to be on the safe side when it comes to creating content on Wikipedia. Trying to get your content published in case it gets deleted or rejected more than once can result in a block. And that means, your business cannot own a Wikipedia page anymore till it gets mentioned by significant publications.
  • Including philanthropy or social responsibility: Wikipedia writing service keep this factor in mind at all times whilst creating content for businesses. Adding these elements within the content is taken as an attempt to be promotional and promotional content is not supported by Wikipedia.

By following these tidbits on how you can include your business on Wikipedia and incorporate it as a marketing tool; you can excel at what you do. It is guaranteed that you’ll witness a big difference from before and after creating your Wikipedia page. But make sure to follow the basic steps whilst getting into your content and that is to follow the guidelines, research and have adept knowledge on the components present within the content. As long as you prioritize guidelines and restrictions within Wikipedia, your content will be good to go. To make it more credible for your viewers and customers, add links and citations.