Web Series – An alternative to routine TV shows

Web Series – An alternative to routine TV shows

Have you ever felt bored watching regular TV shows episode by episode? Have you ever thought of watching some new content based on your choice and based on your availability from anywhere? If yes, then Web series is the best choice to watch. You can watch web series based on your choice and you can jump back and forth between the episodes. Therefore, The only thing you need is the internet connection, the broadcasting application downloaded on your laptop or smartphone or tablet.

What is a web series?

Web series is the series of episodes that are bunched and streamed over the internet on a broadcasting platform. So, A lot of web series creators use Netflix, YouTube, Hot star etc. to broadcasting their shows.

Generally, web series doesn’t require huge star casting and huge equipment as like TV shows. Therefore, only a good content is required that attracts the viewers to watch the series. So, web series are categorized based on the genre like comedy, drama, action, thriller, romance, horror etc. Today on the broadcasting platforms like Prime, Netflix, and Hot star you can search the series based on the genre.


I do watch many web series on various platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hot star based on the availability of my time.

Popular Web Series


Some of the popular web series of 2019 on various broadcasting platforms are as follows:-

·         Bosch

·         Comrade Detective

·         Goliath

·         Sacred Games

·         Mirzapur

·         Breathe

·         Delhi Crime

·         Criminal Justice

Furthermore, from the web series list mentioned above, I watch Criminal Justice. I like thrilling concepts. This show is based on the BBC shows with the same name. The director of this web series is Tigmanshu Dhulia. The cast and crews of this web series are Jackie Shroff, Vikrant Massey, Pankaj Tripathi, Anupriya Goenka, and Mita Vashist. Above all, this web series is in seven languages – Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. Criminal Justice is streamed on Hot star.

Origin of Web Series

The thespot.com is the first online store and the first website to start internet series. This website used to integrate photos and videos. Later these were named as blogs into a storyline. The spot was awarded Infoseek’s “Cool Site of the Year,”. In the same year, Bullseye Art published the first animated web series.

So, The content from the first animated web series of Bullseye Art contains, Porkchops, Internet the Animated Series and Rat Chicken. Finally, In 1998, Bullseye Art made a hit with Miss Muffy and the Muff Mob, which led to the deal with MTV. Furthermore, in the same year 1998, Stella Shorts broadcasted the first comedic live-action web series which was shown on Heavy.com and Comedynet.com.

More Info About Web Series

So, the series was distributed severally exploitation on-line portals YouTube and Revver, additionally because the chicken Teeth web site, and purchased over a hundred million views throughout its run. Now, SAM Has seven Friends, that ran within the summer and fall of 2006, was appointed for a Daytime award and was briefly far away from the net once it had been no heritable by archangel Eisner.

So, in 2003, Microsoft launched MSN Video, that featured the initial net series Weird TV 2000 (from the creators of the syndicated TV series, Weird TV). Weird TV 2000 featured dozens of shorts, comedy sketches and mini-documentaries made completely for MSN Video. From 2003 to 2006, many freelance net series began to realize quality, most notably Red vs. Blue (created by chicken Teeth).

The Malan Show

Furthermore, in 2008, Bravo launched its 1st weekly internet series referred to as The Malan Show. It had been a couple of big apple town dressmaker named Malan Breton WHO was attempting to become a sure-fire freelance designer. Finally, in 2009, the primary internet series pageant was established, referred to as the Los Angles Internet Series pageant.


So, Awards are to recognize the best web series and efforts that were kept to make a high-level web series. Above all, in the year 1995, Webby Awards laid the foundation for the awards. Also followed by this, many have introduced awards like Indian Series Awards, Streamy awards etc.


Already, YouTube is flooded with many web series. The only thing you need is to add a subscription to the channel and enjoy watching.

So, what are you waiting for ??? First of all, Add subscription and enjoy watching the web series based on your choice.

Thank you!