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What are some of the indoor birthday party games for kids?

What are some of the indoor birthday party games for kids?

Every parent must know of a few exciting indoor game ideas if they are planning a birthday party for their kids. After all, the little guests will want to play. So, if you are planning indoor birthday party games, then this does not have to limit the fun aspect of the party. There are plenty of exciting indoor games to keep the kids busy through the big day.

Fantastic indoor gaming ideas

  • Marshmallow skyscrapers- If you want to organize a simple yet fun game, then marshmallow skyscrapers are what you need to make the party a hit. You need to provide each kid with toothpicks and a few bags of mini-marshmallows. Give the kids 15 minutes to construct the tallest marshmallow skyscraper. The kid with the tallest tower wins the game.
  • Mystery bag- You need to prepare a few mystery bags to play the game. You may use brown paper lunch bags and place different objects within each bag. The more creative you get, the greater is the excitement of the game. Some interesting items to include are peeled grapes, a cut apple, toothpaste tube, remote control, spoon, and so on. Let each child stick their hand into each bag and guess what is in it. The kid with the most right guesses wins!
  • The match hunt- It is a perfect choice for a non-competitive game. You can either purchase a board game from a store or cut out print out matching images from the internet. You need to hide one-half of the cards around the play area and divide the other half among the kids. Each kid needs to find all the matches to his/her cards. The kid who can find all the matches wins the game and is rewarded with a small treat. 
  • Balloon burst- The task is for the kids to bop a balloon in the air while dancing to music. When the music stops, the last kid who touches the balloon must pop it and complete the challenge inside it. Make sure that the challenges are fun and silly. After completion of the task, the task needs to be repeated all over again for a new round. The game needs to be played until all balloons have been burst. You need to prepare the challenge chits beforehand and slip them into each balloon, then inflate it.

Blind obstacle course- You can use tables, chairs, pillows, sheets, and other items to create obstacles. Each child will take a turn and will be blindfolded. The kid needs to make it through the obstacle course guided by the voice of the children. Each kid may have to avoid cushions, bypass a chair, crawl under sheets, or climb over a table to make it through. The kid who makes it through the course gets a small reward. 

So, implement the indoor birthday party games mentioned above. Each of these games is great for children under the age of eight and will light up your child’s big day.