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What are the Benefits of Enhancing your Eye Colour with Coloured Contact lenses

What are the Benefits of Enhancing your Eye Colour with Coloured Contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses are a wonderful makeup accessory, you can effectively enhance the colour of your eyes to look more beautiful naturally. Facial makeup and hair styling or trimming can only do so much, but the best option to enhance your appearance is through coloured contact lenses. Have you heard the saying that through looking into someone’s eyes you can see a glimpse of their soul. So why not enhance the beauty of our eyes? And to make things even better coloured contact lenses are a more affordable cosmetic solution than hair styling  and makeup, it lasts longer.

Still not convinced? Then don’t worry, here we are going to provide you with detailed benefits of coloured contact lenses.

Benefits of Coloured Contact Lenses

Colour Enhancing Lenses Look Great

First things first, I am not going to beat around the bush and will say it, coloured contact lenses are a certified way of making yourself more attractive. Wearing good looking clothes or a facial makeover and a nice hair style are all good, but their effect will wear off on others after some time. But wear a pair of colour enhancing contact lenses you will leave the world in awe of you. Believe me when I say this, your friends will not stop asking you where you got that look from.

It is simply because these coloured contact lenses are made of bright and attractive colours. Alongside that, they have certain designs and patterns which really makes them an attractive proposition. And that is why rather than hiding their eyes behind expensive and good looking eyeglasses, men and women nowadays are preferring to change their eye colours to catch the attention of certain everyone around them.

When you wear these coloured lenses they increase the definition of the outer edge of the iris which enhances the colour of your eye. With colour enhancing contact lenses you basically enhance, as their name suggests, the natural colour of your eyes, that is why most of the time people are left confused as to what changed about you. To them you look same but more beautiful, but we know why is that right?

Colour Enhancing Lenses Can Correct Your Eyesight

Now the more important question about coloured contact lenses. I have been asked a lot by certain people that what should I do if I require corrective lenses? Can I wear coloured lenses for my vision correction? 

The answer is simply yes, there are both plano and corrective coloured lenses available. Basically coloured lenses are regular contact lenses with coloured tints on them. So think of your corrective lenses with a coloured tint on them, yes they exist.

It is just that you may feel a little discomfort at the start for a few hours as the colour tint is an addition, which might take time getting used to. Especially when you are switching from regular contacts

Custom Tints Can Cover Injury

Sometimes people suffer from eye infections or suffer eye trauma which may leave a scar or cloud in your eye. In this case you can take help from coloured contact lenses. Not only they will beautify your eyes but also cover the injury of your eyes.

Sport Tints Can Reduce Glare

In coloured contact lenses you also get that sport tints which help athletes and sportspersons reduce glare. It allows them to increase their visual ability while competing. Many golfers, swimmers, runners, and tennis players use sport tint lenses, which helps them to reduce glare in their eyes and increase the sharpness in their vision. Also, you have a choice in sport tints, you can either cover the pupil or the whole of the iris. 

Types of Eye Enhancing Contacts on the Market

Talking about coloured contact lenses and their coloured tints, it is worth noting that there are different types of tints available. You can even change your eye colour as you like and enhance it depending on your eye colour and mood. Let’s talk about them.

  • If a contact lens is a “visibility tint”, it means that these tints have a very faint colour which will not change or enhance the colour of your eyes. This tint allows you to see and identify the lens if it falls down.
  • The most available type of coloured contact lenses are the “enhancement tint”. These coloured contacts add a subtle change to your eye colour and enhance the natural colour of the eye. These work best on light coloured eyes.

Then there are “opaque tint” these are solid and non-transparent coloured lenses which cover the iris completely. As they cover the eyes completely, they can change the eye colour completely. That is why these lenses are used to change the colour of dark coloured eyes.


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