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What are the Causes of Itchy Scalp & How to treat it?

What are the Causes of Itchy Scalp & How to treat it?

An itchy scalp is the most annoying condition and it can be caused by many factors. In some cases, the itchiness may be accompanied by the bumps, flakiness and scaly patches. If the scratching is aggressive it may also result in weak hair follicles. It is important to care for the scalp so that the hair will be healthy. 

Do you have an itchy scalp problems? Often we assume it as a dandruff problem, but there are many conditions that can make your scalp dry and itchy, in addition to dandruff, such as any kind of infection or ringworm. The most common symptoms are swelling, redness, skin infections or damaged hair, and all these problems can lead to itchy scalp. 

The most common hair care treatments are usually in some form of antimicrobial or keratolytic therapy (by a dermatologist), steroids and special diets. However, there is no doubt, that one of the best treatments for itchy scalp is an organic shampoo scrub to remove loose and scaly skin and dead cells.

What are the Causes of itchy Scalp & hair?

Itchy scalp may lead to many problems like thin hair and hair loss. Here are some of the most common reasons of the itchy scalp and hair.

  • Dandruff:

Dandruff is the most common problem that’s result in itchiness and dryness. The dandruff is caused by overactive oil glands on the scalp. It may also cause by the yeast infection of hair follicles and scalp. Yeast can also weaken the hair root and it may result in hair loss. 

  • Psoriasis:

Psoriasis is also cause of the hair and scalp itchiness and dryness. This condition may also lead to the dry scalps, inflamed scalp and hair loss problems. 

  • Alopecia Areata:

Besides causing scalp itchiness and tingling, alopecia can also cause tufts of hair to fall out. This is a serious issue to cure as soon as possible because it may result in circular patch of baldness. 

  • Allergic Reactions:

Allergic reactions can mostly be caused by using chemical products like hair dyes, hair colors and bleaches. These allergies are often the cause of hair loss and itchy scalp. The researchers found the PPD paraphenylenediamine is the common ingredient found in hair dyes and sensitive people are mostly affected by it.  Allergies can also be caused by the bug bites as well. 

  • Folliculitis:

It is an inflammation caused by the hair follicles. Mostly bacteria or fungi are the reasons for that. It can occur while the hair growth process. It may also cause itchy bumps on the skin that may result in temporary hair loss. With proper treatment the hair usually grows back. 

How to get rid of Itchy Scalp:

There are many ways to get rid of itchy scalp problem. Let’s find the best treatments to cure the dry and itchy scalp at home. 

  • Use Essential Oils:

Massage with essential oil is best for hair and scalp health. Some essential oils like marula oil, olive oil, lavender oil etc. are best for hair as they provide antibacterial properties. That means they have the ability to fight against different types of infections, bacteria, viruses and fungus. Use organic marula oil shampoo to relieve scalp itching and nourishment. You can simply massage your scalp with any essential oil to cure itchy scalp and dandruff problem. 

  • Cleans your Brushes & Combs:

Maintaining personal hygiene is very important to avoid infections and bacteria attacks. In addition to that avoid the sharing of combs and brushes with anybody. Since tinea capitis, or ringworm, is more common in children, so make sure to take extra care with educating your children on these best practices and simple natural remedies.

  • Clean & Wash Your Hair:

Along with hair massage with essential oil, shampoo your hair 2 to 3 times a week to clean your scalp and hair from dust and pollution. Use the hydrating Lavender oil shampoo for best results. 

Don’t use inorganic and chemical based shampoos. Besides, shampooing your hair on a daily basis can result in hair loss. It is because the natural oils on your scalp are also washed away along with toxins and dirt. Using an organic shampoo with natural ingredients is best for hair and scalp health. 

Use Organic Shampoo:

Choosing the best shampoo for dry hair and scalp is very necessary. Find the hydrating and moisturizing shampoo for your hair. The shampoo and conditioners with essential oil extracts are best to use. Try mango shampoo or marula oil shampoo, because these shampoos leaves your scalp skin hydrated and moisturized and makes your hair more shiny and beautiful. Avoid shampoos that contain SLS and parabens.

  • Avoid Putting Chemicals on Your Hair:

Most of the products in the market contain chemicals like SLS, paraben and other sulfates. These chemicals can lead to an itchy scalp, bumps on scalp etc.  Using organic products for your hair and scalp are best to avoid chemical contact with your scalp.  

If your scalp is dry you should use moisturizing shampoos with shea butter, coconut or essential oils. That will result in beautiful and smooth hair. Avoid frequent use of hair dyes, hair colors and bleaches because chemicals in these products can damage your scalp follicles easily that results in hair loss issues.