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What is better for you: Contact lenses or Glasses

advantages of contacts vs glasses

Do you wear eyeglasses? Have you ever thought about  trying on contact lenses? Contact lenses provide quite a flexible solution for those requiring vision correction, unlike the misconception. 

Back in the day only people with simple prescription could wear lenses but now they are widely used for astigmatism. You can use contacts not as Halloween eye contacts, but also for vision correction.

To help you understand the advantages of contacts vs glasses, discover the unique benefits of these low profile friends.

Why Should You Try Contact Lenses?

If you have acquired prescription from your specialist eye care, then eye contacts are perfectly safe not just for vision correction but also as crazy contact lenses and Halloween eye contacts. Your doctor will provide you a prescription after examining your eyes. This will ensure that you will get the right fitting and breathing space for your eye.  

Always stay in touch with an eye care.

Choose the Right Fitting

The cornea of your eye receives its oxygen from the surrounding air instead of blood supply. You need to find the right lens which allows for oxygen to pass through. 

 Your eye care professional will confirm the lenses while on your eyes to guarantee enough lens movement and oxygen supply. 

Contacts versus Glasses: Choose Your Preference 


Contact lenses are now widely available at affordable prices. With the use of new technology, their performance and safety has been increased significantly. While glasses have  their benefits, but they carry the inconvenience of being more frail. If you have trouble handling glasses, contact lenses provide a better affordable alternative.

Fit For Sports

Eye contact lenses allow seamless sports activity. No longer you have to worry about blurry vision on your glasses and fog on the glass, or the breaking of your spectacles due to sports activity!  

Adapted to All Kinds of Eyes

Nowadays contact lenses are available for all sorts of eyes and eye related issues. In present time you can even find the solution of astigmatism in eye contacts. Also, you can find contacts for farsightedness and nearsightedness alike. You can even contact your doctor for multifocal eye contacts 

Easy to Maintain

Contact lens wearers will all verify, contacts are very feasible. You will not find contact lenses wearing and tearing like glasses do after long usage.

Still, you have to care for them in the right way. It is important that they are placed in their storage after being used and disinfected with the right solution so you can wear them safely. Make sure your remove them at night before sleeping, it is not healthy to wear contacts while sleeping unless they are extended contacts.

Follow the instructions regarding your contacts and any problem with the contacts or your eyes, go to your eye care product provider and eye doctor.

Daily disposable are the easiest to maintain as you can dispose off  them after one day use. 


Coloured contact lenses are a great option for Halloween parties and other stuff. Yes, you can get prescriptions for Halloween eye contacts and other coloured contacts. They enhance your eye colour to make you look dashing. 

You can find different coloured lenses for different eyes, skin tone and hair colour  so there is a lot to choose from.  

No Need for Prescription Sunglasses

Contact lenses give you the freedom of carrying non prescription sunglasses alongside your regular prescription glasses. That literally makes life easier, right? While many contact lens manufacturers provide UV resistant contacts, but you can’t hope for them to do the same job as sunglasses do as they do not cover the entire eye tissues and your eyes are somewhat exposed to the dangers of UV rays. You should carry sunglasses in order to battle UV rays.

Eye Comfort

It takes time to get used to inserting contact lenses in your eyes, but once you do it all becomes pretty comfortable. Your eye specialist will guide you as to which lens type will be most convenient for your eyes, soft lens or rigid-oxygen-permeable lens.

Comfort at Work

No matter how comfortable the lenses are, with dry eyes the lenses will start to irritate and they also cause discomfort in air conditioned rooms. There are contact lenses which have a special design, making them capable office use and they help reduce eye strain busy working hours.

 Eye drops are also a good solution for dry eyes.

Keep Your Peripheral Vision Clear

Last but not least, with contact lenses your vision is not limited to the frame of the glasses you are wearing! With contacts, you can clearly see everything within your visual range, without the peripheral restrictions of a glass frame. The right eye contact lenses will aid in giving you a better and complete vision.